Seabrook Island Spikers Water Volleyball

When the heat is so oppressive that you don’t even want to move, how do we stay active on Seabrook – get in the water! Want a little more competition than water aerobics…we have a fun new activity for you!

We are excited to announce a water volleyball club has formed on the island. Whether you call it voleibol acuático (Spanish), Wasser-Volleyball (German), or acqua pallavolo (Italina) this splashy game is a great way to get some cardio while having some fun!

This new club will meet a few times per month August-October, at the Lake House pool. Our next Seabrook Spikers Happy Hour will meet Sunday August 15, 2021, at 5:00 pm. Have we piqued your curiosity, yes…learn a little more…

  • We will have a fun group ranging in age from 23-71 and a variety of athletic abilities, water levels the competitive playing field.
  • Not sure how to play, but curious – its not too hard and you can learn a little more here.
  • Not sure it’s the game for you, just bring your favorite drink/snack and cheer us on!

Want to learn more about the group, email Michelle Evans at And if you can’t make it on Sunday, August 15, join us Friday, August 20 at at 5:00 pm. Jump in to test your skills or enjoy a drink and some snacks while you cheer and jeer.

-Submitted by Michelle Evans

(Image credit: MicrosoftTeams-image)