Election Results – Town of Seabrook Island

The Town of Seabrook Island held its municipal election on Tuesday, November 2 at The Lake House. Below are the results as reported on scvotes.gov/election-results. This total includes all the votes cast in person as well the absentee ballots. The numbers might change if additional absentee ballots are counted.

Mayor, Seabrook Island                                                                                    
               John Gregg – 392 votes                                                          

Town Council District, Seabrook Island                                                                  
               Jeri Finke – 315 votes                                             
               Patricia Fox – 311 votes                                                         
               Barry R Goldstein  – 382 votes                                          
               Dan Kortvelesy  – 287 votes                                                
               Sharon Welch – 272 votes                                                  

Combined Utilities Commissioner, Seabrook Island
Lee Vancini – 383 votes

A special thanks to all the poll workers for their vital role in assuring a safe and secure election. In addition to participating in training prior to the election, those working on Election Day arrived at the Lake House at 6:00 am to set up and stayed past 7:00 pm to put everything away. Thank you for your service.

Tidelines Editors

(Image credit: clipartpanda.com)