Mt. Zion Holiday Fund Drive

Mt. Zion Holiday Fund Drive

Once again, the Mt. Zion Holiday Fund Committee is seeking your help to place smiles on the faces of Mt. Zion children. The staff at Mt. Zion Elementary School are already identifying families who are in most need of our support. The funds that we raise will be used to buy clothes, shoes, toys, and books for each child. Every family is also given a gift certificate for food for their holiday meal.

Since 2007, your contributions have helped over 800 children at Mt. Zion Elementary school. The gifts we are able to provide are often the only ones the children receive.

Checks made out to Mt. Zion Holiday Fund may be mailed to Charlotte Moran, 2530 The Bent Twig, Seabrook Island, South Carolina 29455, (843)768-3083. 

Donations may also be given to Marilyn Armstrong, (843)768-9252, Paula Adamson, (843)768-4881, Flo Gilson, (678)643-5755, Jane Marvin (336)413-0704, or they can be dropped off at the Racquet Club Pro Shop or Golf Pro Shop on Seabrook Island.

-Submitted by Marilyn Armstrong

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