SIAG January Guest Artist Esther Piazza Doyle

Scratch Art Artist Esther Piazza Doyle will be the featured artist at the Seabrook Island Artists Guild meeting at The Lake House, January 18, at 1:30 pm.

Esther Piazza Doyle, a multi-talented artist, will demonstrate scratch art at the January meeting. She doesn’t remember a time when she was not drawing something or coloring with crayons. Her first exhibit was in first grade when she drew and colored at least 40% of an entire circus that covered three walls of her classroom. At the age of five, she said “I want to be an artist.” By the age of thirteen, she was creating detailed graphic drawings. She said, “My parents, being the practical people that they were, didn’t discourage me but steered me toward a career that was more predictable and dependable.” Thus, she spent five years as a legal secretary and another thirty in a nursing career.

She explains “I am self-taught but attended workshops with internationally known and recognized artists such as Heidi England, Heather Reddick, Johnnie Lilledahl, and Linda McDonald. I have also attended regular lessons with local artist Joyce Hall and workshops with Mark Horton.” She has art hanging in private homes and businesses in this country and internationally. She has been represented in several galleries in various states over the years.

Esther has many mediums and is always ready to experiment and learn a new technique, subject matter or try new materials. She says, “Each medium has exciting qualities and possibilities and I enjoy them all.” She has produced works in graphics throughout her life but around 1995 she began producing works in acrylics, oils, watercolors, colored pencils, pastels, clay, wood, pyrography, and scratch art. She spent a number of years doing decorative art on children’s wall hangings and furniture. She has spent the past few years focusing on scratch art, primarily, and turning wooden bowls by burning her art into the wood. She says, “There’s no end to the fun and satisfaction of learning something new. I see my artistic endeavors as a challenge to improve and a gift not to be squandered.”

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-Submitted by Sharon Peck, SIAG