TOSI: Business License Deadline Extended

The deadline to renew business licenses and short-term rental permits has been extended from April 30 to May 16, 2022.

  • Applications must be dropped off at town hall or postmarked by May 16 to avoid late fees.
  • Business Licenses submitted after May 16 will be considered late and subject to penalties of 5% per month.
  • Short-Term Rental Permits which are not renewed by May 16 will become invalid; the owner or manager must remove all ads and cease rental activity.
  • To avoid late fees, businesses must renew directly with the town; the statewide portal will begin assessing late fees on May 1.
  • This extension is a result of processing delays at Charleston County.

For Renewal  information please use the links below:

-Submitted by Town of Seabrook Island

RiverDogs Against Fayetteville May 3-8

Come on out and cheer for the Charleston RiverDogs as they begin a homestand on Tuesday, May 3 against the Fayetteville Woodpeckers. They will be playing six home games so you have plenty of games to choose from! Games on Tuesday – Friday begin at 7:05 pm, Saturday’s game begins at 6:05 pm and on Sunday, May 8 the game begins at 5:05 pm.

The Charleston RiverDogs are the Single-A Affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays. They play in the Joseph P. Riley Stadium, also known as “The Joe.”  “The Joe” sits near the Ashley River and catches the breezes from the river and adjoining marshland. It has been rated one of the best stadiums at the minor league and collegiate levels. (The Citadel baseball team plays there as well.)

For more information about the RiverDogs, their schedule, and how to purchase tickets visit their click here.

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(Image credit:  RiverDogs website)

Order A Second Set Of COVID Tests

Most of us have received the first set of free COVID-19 tests from the US Government. Did you know that a second set of four at-home tests is now available?

It is a good idea to have extra tests on hand if you have been exposed to one of the variants, if you have symptoms of COVID-19, or just to give friends that may need a test. The idea is to have a test on hand if you need it. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is still recommending isolation if you have COVID or have been exposed to it.

To order your second set of free COVID-19 at-home tests, click here. If you did not receive the first set of in-home tests or have questions, this website has a phone number as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

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(Image credit: Kaiser Health News)

Celebrate Arbor Day April 29

On April 10, 1872, the first Arbor Day was celebrated, with the citizens of Nebraska planting approximately one million trees throughout the state on that one day. As settlers moved into this largely treeless area from Eastern states, the value of trees to act as windscreens, provide shade, and help keep the soil in place was recognized. J. Sterling Morton, the editor of The Nebraska City News-Press, understood the importance of trees and began his mission to promote tree planting through his paper. Eventually, he became the Secretary of the Nebraska Territory and convinced the State Board of Agriculture to establish a tree planting day, or Arbor Day, now celebrated worldwide.

Throughout the United States, the last Friday in April is known as Arbor Day, which falls on April 29 this year. The Arbor Day Foundation has dedicated the last 50 years to planting trees in forests and communities around the world. However, there is a vast variation in climates throughout the United States, and most states designate a state-wide day appropriate for planting trees. In South Carolina, this date is the first Friday in December since trees in our climate better establish themselves during the winter months. Regardless of appropriate planting times, Arbor Day is set aside to celebrate trees and their benefits to our communities.

If you all will allow a personal note, my fraternal grandparents were both raised in the area surrounding Nebraska City. Their parents likely planted trees on their properties on that first Arbor Day; I know they both valued trees. Among my first memories is having my grandmother teach me to identify trees and the birds they feed and shelter, which has led to a lifelong interest in what we now refer to as our environment. Her passed-on knowledge reflected the spirit of Arbor Day, a unique holiday that looks to the future not only of the trees but the benefits trees will provide to future generations.

Check out Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy today and celebrate the magnificent trees in our conserved spaces and the local regulations that have protected them. We are not on the prairie, but our trees still shield us from strong winds, provide habitat for our wildlife, and hold our sandy soil to help mitigate flooding and erosion, among other benefits. You don’t have to be a “tree hugger,” but this may be a good day to step outside and look at the surrounding trees and vegetation. Perhaps that Grand Live Oak in your yard would appreciate a little pat!

-Submitted by Lucy Hoover, Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy

Find Out About Emergencies

Tired of sitting in traffic when you are on your way home or leaving Seabrook Island?  There are only two ways off the island, so when there is an accident, trees down, or other obstruction on one of the roads, the other one becomes congested.

A few years ago, our subscribers asked us to find a way we could inform them of road congestion as well as weather issues, such as road flooding, in a quick and easy way without having to scroll through their email. Even though many read about events in Tidelines, they want to know in real-time when an emergency occurs.

We researched several different apps and social media outlets and found that Twitter is the best fit for us. We wanted something that could generate a notification to a prescribed group of followers. And we wanted subscribers to control how they received the information.  TidelinesAlert was hatched.

You can receive information as we receive it via our Twitter push. You sign up to follow TidelinesAlert and you don’t have to follow anyone you don’t want to follow. You choose whose tweets you receive.

In other words, if you subscribe to the TidelinesAlert, you can activate the notification and sound features for only TidelinesAlert and you will receive special traffic, weather, or emergency alerts via Twitter. This means you can get urgent Tidelines notifications as they are published on Twitter while still maintaining a daily or weekly summary of Tidelines posts via email.

To get started, the first thing you need to do, if you haven’t already done so, is to subscribe to Twitter. If you are already a Twitter follower, go straight to Step 2 below.

  1. Download the Twitter app if you don’t already subscribe, then go to and follow the directions to set up your account. When you have completed that, go into the settings on your phone to turn on notifications for Twitter.
  2. Go back to the Twitter app on your phone, press the “Search” button at the bottom, and in the search field at the top, type in TidelinesAlert.  Click on our logo. (Click here to see it at the top of our website.)
  3. Once in TidelinesAlert,
    – Click on “Follow” to allow Tidelines to come to your device.
    – Then click on the bell near the word “Following” to activate notifications and sounds. The bell icon allows you to get a sound alert for TidelinesAlert only. This is a two-step process.

You can find these directions on our website under the dropdown menu “Manage Subscriptions.”

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Charlotte Overton Moran Receives Angel Oak Award

Charlotte Overton Moran is the 2021 recipient
of the Exchange Club of Kiawah-Seabrook Angel Oak Award

Seabrook Island’s own Charlotte Moran is this year’s recipient of the Angel Oak Award from the Exchange Club of Kiawah-Seabrook Foundation.

After a successful career in regulatory compliance with Citibank in New York, Charlotte and her husband Ed moved to Seabrook Island in 2003, and she quickly realized that she needed something to do. Having worked with Habitat for Humanity in New York, she started working for the Sea Islands Habitat for Humanity one day a week, but she rapidly started to spend more time with Habitat, and she is now one of the organization’s leaders, serving her second six-year term as a Board member and Treasurer of the Sea Islands affiliate, as well as leading the Women’s Build project each year, chairing the Land Planning committee and working with other builds and repair activities on Johns, James, and Wadmalaw Islands. 

While Habitat is generally known for its construction of homes for people who otherwise would not be able to afford one but are willing to put in sweat equity, Ms. Moran says that Habitat is really four different businesses: a construction company, a retail store, a mortgage company, and a non-profit organization. All of the components work in concert to deliver a home, and since its founding in 1978, Sea Islands Habitat has built over 400 homes in our community. It’s a complex business. The ReStore outlet generates over $1million in revenue each year, and the mortgage operations currently holds about 216 mortgages. Beyond economics, Habitat works to find qualified homeowners, acquire property, manage construction, and ultimately give a family a new home. Demand is high- there’s currently about a one-year waiting list for a Habitat home.  In addition to building homes, Sea Islands Habitat has a home repair program where individuals can get help repairing roofs and windows and building handicapped access ramps. Over 100 repair projects have been completed to date.

The Women’s Build is a pet project for Ms. Moran. Each year twenty-five to thirty women gather for a week to build a Habitat home. While the foundation is in place when they start, the framing and roofing are substantially done by the end of the week. All of the volunteers are trained on the site with training ranging from how to use a chop saw to how to wear a hard hat.  This year’s build is scheduled for April 23-30 and they are still seeking additional volunteers and sponsors. Information on the project is available here.

Even though she’s busy with Sea Islands Habitat, Ms. Moran also works with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League and she’s the chairperson of the Seabrook Islands Property Owners Association Elections Committee.

The Angel Oak Award was established by the Exchange Club of Kiawah-Seabrook in 2012 to recognize a volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution to the people or the quality of life on Johns Island, Wadmalaw Island, Kiawah Island and/or Seabrook Island. As a part of the award, the Exchange Club makes a $5000 donation to a local charitable organization or organizations of the recipient’s choice.

The Angel Oak Award Banquet will take place this year on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, at Wingate Place from 5:30 to 9:30 pm. To register yourself and your guests for this great event, please click here. There is no charge for members but At-Large members and guests will be charged a fee of $75.00 per person.

Donations to the Exchange Club of Kiawah-Seabrook Foundation can also be made on the Club’s website.

-Submitted by Thad Peterson, Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club

Seabrook Island Dragon Boat Festival Team

Seabrook Island Dragonslayers

On Saturday, May 7, 2022, our Seabrook Island Dragonslayers will join 35 other festival teams racing one another in Dragon Boat Charleston’s (DBC) Dragon Boat Festival.

This free event, open to the public, will feature music, entertainment, great food, and of course, dragon boat racing! If you’ve never seen it, you don’t know what you have missed! It will be held at Brittlebank Park on 185 Lockwood Drive in Charleston, across from the Marriott Hotel, from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Dragon Boat Charleston’s mission is to support the mental and physical health of cancer survivors and their community through dragon boat racing. The festival is DBC’s major fundraiser, to help fund all of the cancer survivor wellness programs for its members.

Please come support your fellow Seabrookers, who are enthusiastically participating in this event. Your donations would be most appreciated and can be sent through this link or going to: Our team name is Seabrook Island Dragonslayers and you can support any of our teammates by simply clicking on the blue box next to that person’s name. Thank you very much for your generosity.

-Submitted by Lois Rinehimer

Keep Up With The Lake House April 27

Fitness and Recreation

Indoor/Outdoor Pools

The Outdoor Pool hours:
– Monday through Friday from 9:15 am to sunset
– Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am to sunset.

The Indoor Pool schedule, as well as rules for both the Indoor and Outdoor Pools, can be viewed by clicking here.

The pool deck of the Outdoor Pool at the Lake House will be cleaned on Tuesday, May 3 from 7:00 am until 2:00 pm. The Outdoor Pool will be closed during this time. 


HIIT It & SPIN It will be canceled as of May 1. The last HIIT It & SPIN It class will be on Wednesday, April 27.
HIIT Boxing will be canceled on Saturday, May 7.

Fitness Classes

The monthly schedule for fitness and recreation classes is available on the SIPOA website, click here to view it. This does not include the semi-private classes.

Semi-Private Series

Sign up now for the following Semi-Private classes. Please note, Semi-Private classes are limited to a maximum of 10 participants. Pre-registration is required. There are no drop-ins or refunds. Semi-private classes are not included in the monthly class pass, and the entire class will be charged to your Property Owner/Club account at the time of registration. Semi-private classes are available to Seabrook Island Property Owners, Seabrook Island Club members, and guests staying on Seabrook Island.


Fitness Rewired Outdoor Semi-Private Series – This class focuses on cardio, strength, mobility, balance, and overall fitness improvement. Enjoy the camaraderie and good humor of your workout buddies as you meet three times a week for a challenging workout.
-Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, May 2 – June 3 at 8:30 am. $150 for the series.
-This workshop is taught by Kayleigh Breaux.

Tai Chi Semi-Private Series – This series is similar to the workshop above. It is a series of low impact, slow-flowing, standing-only movements, accompanied by focused breathing. It promotes stress relief, flexibility, and especially balance.
-Mondays at 5:15 pm from May 2 – May 30. $60 for the series.
-This series is taught by Lisa Anderson

Yin Yoga Semi-Private Series – This class is a slow, soothing, and meditative style of yoga where the legs, hips, and lower back are the main benefits.
-Tuesdays at 5:15 pm from May 3 – May 31. $75 for the series.
-This series is taught by Natasha Stevens

Chair Yoga Semi-Private Series – This is a gentle form of yoga that can be done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support.
-Wednesdays at 2:30 pm from May 11 – May 25.  $45 for the series.
-This series is taught by Natasha Stevens

For more information about the classes above, go to and click on The Lake House, Semi-Private Series, or click here to be directed to the semi-private series page. You can also email your questions to The Lake House staff at

The Seabrook Island Property Owners website includes everything you need to know about all the classes, any cancellations that may occur, The Lake House Spa, and The Lake House Guide. Once on the SIPOA website, look at the area close to the top of the homepage for The Lake House. There is a dropdown menu with all this information.

-Submitted by Jamie Mogus Mixson, The Lake House Manager

Updated Farmers Market Schedule

Heads up! Sea Island Farmers Market, 2024 Academy Road, Johns Island will be closed Saturday, April 30, 2022. This closure will allow Charleston Collegiate School (who hosts Sea Island Farmers Market year-round) to prepare for their annual charity auction. Sea Island Farmers Market resumes its normal schedule on Saturday, May 7, 2022 and is open from 9:30 am-1:30 pm.

If you need a farmers market fix before May 7, check out the following:

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(Image credit: Sea Island Farmers Market)

Reminder – Prescription Take-Back Day This Saturday

Once again, Vincent’s Drug Store in Freshfields will be participating in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) National Prescription Take-Back Day to properly dispose of unneeded medications. Bring your unused or expired medications (no liquids) to the store for proper disposal on Saturday, April 30, 2022, from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.

If you are not currently in Seabrook, click here to see the location near you that is participating in DEA’s Take Back Day.

This is the time to check your medicine cabinet for unused or expired prescriptions. Not only are they taking up space, but they can be harmful if someone else, other than the person for whom they were prescribed, accidentally takes them.

It is very important to dispose of medications safely. Throwing them in the trash is obviously not the solution. Once they are in the landfill, they can be picked up by people or animals. Flushing them down the drain can pollute the water system. The National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day provides a safe way to dispose of prescription drugs. Drop off your unused or expired medications (no liquids) at Vincent’s Drug Store in Freshfields Village on Saturday, April 30, between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

If you have any questions, call Vincent’s at 843-243-0007.

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Piccolo Preview

Traditionally, the Kiawah Arts Council partners each spring with Charleston’s Office of Cultural Affairs to bring our community a sampling of the events they can enjoy during Piccolo Spoleto. After a two-year hiatus, we are pleased to invite you to enjoy an afternoon with Piccolo artists which we call Piccolo Preview. We are delighted to announce that internationally renowned musicians Natalia Khoma and Volodymyr Vynnysky will perform in this year’s concert, along with Charleston Opera Theater’s Saundra DeAthos Meers and Edward Brennan!

Cellist Khoma and pianist Vynnysky came to Charleston 17 years ago from Lviv, Ukraine, to teach music at the College of Charleston. They are the founders of the Charleston Music Fest, which brings the finest classical and contemporary chamber music by world-class artists to Charleston audiences. They are stunning performers, individually and as a duo, and we are fortunate that they will perform for us for our 2022 Piccolo Preview this Sunday.

Scott Watson, Director of the Office of Cultural Affairs, tells us that the focus for this year’s Piccolo Spoleto Festival will be on free and outdoor concerts and include many of the anchor events we have all come to look forward to. You can expect visual arts exhibitions, performances of classical music, jazz, dance, theater, and choral music, cultural events and community celebrations, poetry readings, children’s activities, craft shows, and film screenings. A full schedule of events will be released online in mid-May.

Date: Sunday, May 1, 2022
Time: 4:00 – 6:00 pm
Location: Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 871 Betsy Kerrison Pkwy, Johns Island, SC 
Price: No charge, but reservations are required. Click here to reserve your seat.

-Town of Kiawah Island

(Image credit: Town of Kiawah Island)