Commercial Access FAQ’s from SIPOA

SIPOA has prepared informational articles that address FAQs regarding SIPOA Rules & Regulations and other topics of interest. These articles have appeared in CURRENTS and weekly reports and are intended to provide information to new Property Owners and serve as “refreshers” for longer-term owners. 

With all of the building and construction going on on the island, it is important that owners understand the Commercial Access Process.  

Commercial access is defined as the process of granting access to contractors, vendors, and service providers who engage or intend to engage in any business, occupation, or profession within Seabrook Island. In addition to building contractors, any business owners or operators providing services or estimates for services such as landscaping, pool maintenance, HVAC repairs, house cleaning, home health assistance, dog grooming, etc., are also included.

To access the list of frequently asked questions about the Commercial Access Process, click here.

-Submitted by SIPOA