Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol Report for Week of May 14

Nest 2 – May 14, 2022
Seabrook Island now has Loggerhead Turtle nest number 2. Lesley and Tony Gore reported that they not only found a crawl but the Momma was still on the beach! With great excitement, but at a respectful distance, turtle patrol volunteers paced the beach like nervous grandparents in the maternity waiting room. The mother took almost an hour and a half to finish laying her eggs before returning to the sea. A lure and fishing line were revealed to be wrapped around the turtle’s front flipper on her journey back to the water. Fortunately, the hook hadn’t become embedded in the flipper and an experienced volunteer managed to remove it without incident. If you see a nesting turtle or one that is in distress or entangled, do not approach it and keep any dogs away. Please call the Turtle Patrol at 843-310-4280. The nest was left in-situ North of Boardwalk 1. 

 Click here to watch a video of the turtle that laid nest 2 returning to the sea.

Nests 3 and 4 – May 17, 2022
The fortunate trio, Christine Dudzik, Tom Lamb and Bob Enzerra, found two nests on the Camp Saint Christopher end of the beach. They found nest number 3 near the cross at the camp. There were 138 eggs that were relocated nearby to higher ground. The eagle-eyed crew found the next nest in spite of the fact that the mother turtle’s inbound crawl was no longer visible. Nest 4 had a record breaking 178 eggs that were relocated close to nest 3. SCDNR indicated there have only been 111 out of more than 127,000 total nests since 1980 that have had 178 eggs or more. Congratulations to Christine Dudzik, Tom Lamb, Bob Enzerra and the intrepid turtle Momma. 

Nest 5 – May 18, 2022
Walkers Lesley and Tony Gore found nest 5 near Camp Saint Christopher’s kayak shed. The nest has been left in-situ but extra protection has been added since this can be a heavily trafficked area. As you may recall, Lesley and Tony also found nest 2 on May 14. Keep up the good work, Lesley and Tony.

Nest 6 – May 19, 2022
Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol volunteers, Lucy and Ray Hoover, Carole Heilman and Amy Kashmer located a crawl in front of Camp Saint Christopher’s chapel. Three crab holes helped pinpoint the exact location of the nest. Unfortunately, one egg was lost to the crabs but the 127 remaining eggs were moved to a safer location.

-Submitted by Anne Snelgrove for SITP

(Image credit: SITP)