Turtle Patrol Report for June 10-16

The entire southeast coast is having a banner year for turtle nests. Our resident data analyst, Judy Morr, was good enough to put together some nest statistics for Seabrook Island. Currently, we have more nests than the total laid in 2018 (31), 2014 (32) and 2011(37). During our highest year (2019), we had 47 nests as of June 14 and in 2021, our second highest year, we had 30 nests by June 14th. We had 37 nests by June 14 this year.

Nest 35 – June 11 Walkers Marnie Ellis, J-Anna Smith, Edna Bickett and Brenda Zack, assisted by Turtle patrol first responders Sandy MacCoss and Joanne Lewis, discovered Nest 35 after a great deal of searching and determination. Congratulations to Joanne for locating this nest! This shrewd Momma had hidden the nest under the wrack where she crawled in. There were 127 eggs which were relocated to a spot 150 yards south of the large cross at Camp Saint Christopher.

Nest 36 – June 13 The high tide made it a challenge for our walkers but Nest 36 was found by Mike Vinson, Gary Holtz, Rob Jerome, Cary Higgins, Ed Harris and Bonnie Bohme near Boardwalk 6. Assistance was rendered by walkers, Marnie Ellis, Kim Olglesby and Nancy Schibler to quickly move the nest before the tide washed it over. This was the first nest for Kim and Nancy! 128 eggs were moved 100 yards north and higher in the dunes.

Nest 37 – June 14 Cristine Dudzik, Tom Lamb (not pictured due to an early tee time), Ed Heskamp and Bob Enzerra found Nest 37 about 50 yards north of the danger sign in front of Camp Saint Christopher. 112 eggs were moved to a safer location in front of the chapel.

Nests 38 and 39 – June 15 Lesley and Tony Gore with Susan and Bill Miller found Nest 38 which, unfortunately, had been totally predated. Raccoons are the most likely suspects. The nest was found south of the lifeguard chair at Camp St Christopher. The predation has been reported to the DNR. Gail Koornick and Edna Bickett had better luck. They found a crawl 50 yards north of Boardwalk 1 near the boundary of the no pet zone. Nest 39 was left in-situ.

Nest 40 – June 16 Pixie Hider, Charlie Faught and Paula Baram found a crawl between Boardwalks 2 and 3. Nest 40 was left in-situ since the clever turtle Momma laid her eggs at the top of the dune.

–Submitted by Anne Snelgrove for SITP

(Image credit: Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol)