Reminder: Fireworks Danger


The fireworks display will take place on Sunday, July 3 at approximately 9:00 pm on the driving range of the Island House. We all enjoy the annual 4th of July holiday fireworks show, but many are not aware of the danger that lingers after the show has ended. There is always the possibility some of the fireworks set up for firing do not go off as expected, meaning that some dangerous unexploded items could remain on the ground when the show is over. Following the show, workers employed by the fireworks company will clean up  the launch area including unexploded items.

The fire department will have a barrier around the launch site, and off-duty Charleston County Sheriff’s officers will police the area that is not to be entered or crossed. We ask that you respect this area and follow any directions officials give you to ensure you avoid any danger. Let’s all make sure that our fireworks celebration is both wonderful and safe.

Tidelines Editors

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