Turtle Patrol Report for July 8-July 14

It’s been a quiet week on Seabrook Island with only 4 new nests but we did have 2 inventories. Inventories are taken 3 days after the nest hatches, or as we say “boils”. The information is reported to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to help them protect the Sea Turtles more effectively.
Nest 3 (Found May 17) was inventoried on July 12
Eggshells – 124
Unhatched – 11
Dead – 0

Nest 4 (Found May 17) was inventoried July 13
Eggshells: 158
Unhatched: 10
Dead: 0
Live: 26

The new nests this week are:

Nest 64 – July 8
Marnie Ellis, J-Anna Smith, and Jen Paterson found Nest 64 approximately 300 yards north of Boardwalk 1. Due to the nest being laid in a low area, 111 eggs were moved further back into the dunes.

Marnie Ellis, J-Anna Smith, Jen Paterson

Nest 65 – July 9
Bill Greubel and JoAnne Lewis found Nest 65 about 50 yards south of Boardwalk 3. Since the nest was laid on a low flat area, 121 eggs were relocated to higher ground.

JoAnne Lewis

Nest 66 – July 11
Walkers Kim Neath, Melissa Andrews, Sarah Dewey, and Julie Minch refused to be deterred by the rain and were able to find Nest 66 150 yards north of Boardwalk 1. The stalwart crew moved 134 eggs further back in the dunes.

Kim Neath, Melissa Andrews, Sarah Dewey Julie Minch

Nest 67 – July 13
Walkers, Gail Koornick and Edna Bickett discovered Nest 67. This rambunctious turtle knocked down the signpost for Nest 63, on July 6, and laid her nest right next to it. This nest was left in situ.

Gail Koornick, Edna Bickett

Submitted by Anne Snelgrove for SI Turtle Patrol