Hurricane Season Continues

The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season has statistically reached its peak. Currently, Hurricane Fiona is bringing stormy conditions to Turks and Caicos after having pounded Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic with heavy rains and winds.

As Fiona moves into the Atlantic, she is likely to strengthen as she passes us offshore. What does this mean for the Lowcountry? If Fiona strengthens it could impact potential swells that reach our beaches. Swells are collections of waves produced by storm winds that could be blowing hundreds of miles out at sea. To learn more about swells, click here.

Dangerous rip currents are also a possibility later this week for our beaches. Now is a good time to review what are rip currents and how to get out of them if you’re trapped in one. A recent article on rip currents posted on Tidelines can be found here.

Stay safe at the beach.

Tidelines Editors