Turn Around, Don’t Drown

Hurricane Ian is bearing down on the Lowcountry causing increased flooding . When you see flood waters ahead, please turn around, don’t drown. A recent tweet from Charleston County reminds us not to drive through standing water, especially if barriers have been put up across the road.

If you come to an area that is covered with flood water, you will not know the depth of the water, the condition of the ground under the water, or if a man hole cover has popped open. In addition, road beds may be washed out under flood waters and you may get stuck in muddy water or worst case scenario, drown.

People underestimate the force and power of water. Six inches of fast-moving flood water can knock over an adult, and it takes only two feet of rushing water to float most vehicles. More than half of all flood fatalities result from automobiles being swept downstream. Please stay safe. Remember:

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(Image credit: Charleston County)