Lowcountry Earth Week Apr 15-22

Clean-ups, festivals, nature activities, and workshops from over 40 local organizations

Lowcountry Land Trust is excited to announce its partnership in Lowcountry Earth Week – a collaborative initiative of over 40 local conservation organizations from April 15-22, 2023.

This week-long celebration features a variety of clean-ups, festivals, nature activities, and workshops and will conclude with a family-friendly tabling event at Holy City Brewing on Earth Day (April 22). Lowcountry Earth Week is an opportunity for us to come together as a community to celebrate our shared commitment to protecting the natural beauty and ecological diversity of the Lowcountry region.

As a local conservation organization committed to the environmental betterment of the Lowcountry, Lowcountry Land Trust is pleased to be part of this initiative and looks forward to hosting events that will showcase its work, including a seminar with Angel Oak Preserve landscape architect Thomas Woltz, an Angel Oak Preserve clean-up, and an Alge Island kayak clean-up. Other activities include a Bluebird Walk, a Bee Hive Inspection and many others.

For more details, go to lowcountrylandtrust.org and click on Programs & Events.

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(Image credit: Lowcountry Land Trust)