Bruce Kleinman

Bruce Kleinman Candidate for Seabrook Island Mayor

(Submission corrected October 7, 2023)

My wife, Ava, and I have lived full-time on this magnificent island for ten years and been property owners for 20.  

I believe in transparency, and sunshine. I will listen to you, hear you and be humble in all of our interactions throughout my service as Mayor. I stand for change. Please, do not confuse seeking change for being a complainer. I am not the “grievance candidate” my opponent would have you believe. I just propose positive change with which she apparently does not agree. 

I have two law degrees from Georgetown University Law Center and my background is as a commercial real estate attorney in New Jersey with large and mid-size law firms for over 30 years.  

I have served on at least six committees for both SIPOA and the Club. I am proud to say that I was co-founder and initial chair of the SIPOA Holiday Food Drive which makes holiday time more joyful for many needy families in the area.

I list these experiences simply to demonstrate my work ethic, my competence and, most important, my leadership skills to change how this Town works. 

My vision is my belief in respectful, responsive and responsible leadership. 

I respect my neighbors. I am confident that we can reach consensus on all of the issues facing the town, if, but only if, we engage in respectful conversation with those with whom we don’t agree. Respect must be mutual. Respect requires truth telling. We will reduce conflicts through mutual respect, not by avoiding speaking to each other face to face. 

I am committed to putting your needs first. I will be responsible to you. I will ensure that all actions of the Town are in furtherance of your interests, not those of real estate developers.

I am subject to space constraints, but I do want to address, briefly, two specific policy issues facing TOSI. For additional issues and greater detail, please see my website

Real Estate Development  

I represented real estate developers for 30 years. I am not “anti” development. I am for Smart Growth. I am for following the rules. If a development application comes before the Council you can expect me to use the benefit of my long experience to scrutinize the application, to ensure that all legal requirements have been and will be followed, and also to make a fair decision with an open mind. 

Short Term Rentals

I will have an open mind, but I intend to have effective rules to the Council by June 30, 2024.

Election Day is November 7. Please vote for change.

-Submitted by Bruce Kleinman