Candidate Biographies

In alphabetical order



I’ve been a Seabrooker since 1979 when my late wife, Jackie, helped run a US Tennis Association league tournament held at Seabrook’s Racquet Club (then located in part next to the Island House. HUGO changed that). We took annual vacation trips to Seabrook, bought a condo (Courtside villa), then a lot where, in 2002, we built our home and lived, full-time. Some years after Jackie died, the widow Sally Schenck (as they wrote in the 1700s), a Seabrook resident since 2001, and I married. Sally was on the SIPOA Board for 3 years, serving as secretary for part of that time. She was co-editor of The Seabrooker and a writer for the “Tidelines Blog.” So if I end up on the Board, it’s a kind of “two-fer,” since I treasure her counsel. In 2016, we built a second home in the Berkshires where we spend summer and autumn until the leaves fall.

Thus my Seabrook experience includes renting, owning and renting a villa, full-time residence, and part-time residence.

After seven years active duty in the Navy, including teaching at the Naval Academy, I ended up in an academic career, writing about U.S. foreign policy, particularly about Churchill, Roosevelt and the Second World War. In a change of pace, I have a history of the U.S. Tennis Association coming out this autumn.

I’ve been active in the SIPOA over the last fifteen years. I worked on the Special Projects Committee (Gerry King, chair) and the finance committee before being elected to the SIPOA Board of Directors in 2009. I was re- elected in 2012. I served as Secretary and member of the executive committee for five of those six years. I was an active member of the Legal Committee, which was a wonderful learning experience.

What did I accomplish? Wrong question. What did we – the Board, the staff, the community – accomplish is the question. It’s a team effort. Establishing policy-based governance was perhaps the major change. I chaired the Sense of Place project, which initiated many changes aimed at preserving our island’s environment and beauty – all agreed to by the community, not imposed. I chaired the Long Range Planning Committee (better called the Planning Committee), which developed strategic and short-term planning so as to eliminate pet projects and to establish goals and objectives that directed the budget.

My position statement? I bring to the table common sense and experience, and a commitment to sensible compromise. I can help the POA to avoid re- inventing the wheel. I can’t say how I stand on this or that issue until I know the details. I do not believe that Seabrook needs a revolution or dramatic reforms. Our island is well prepared to meet the future, thanks to the efforts of recent Boards. Bad things happen, challenges pop up. Experience and common sense, along with new thinking from new property owners, provide the solutions.

One caveat to that optimistic statement. This autumn’s hurricane season demonstrated that, given predictions of rising sea levels, the POA (in conjunction with the Town and the Club) needs to conduct a long-range study of how our island must adjust, even rethink itself a bit, so as to survive.



My wife Donna and I have been full-time residents of Seabrook Island since we retired in 2010 and built our home in 2011. Our family was introduced to the island in 1992 when we started to vacation here and bought a lot in 1994. Since moving to Seabrook Island, I have served as a member of the SIPOA Board of Directors for the past 3 years, I have been a member of the SIPOA Planning Committee since 2012 (chairperson the past 3 years). As a part of the planning committee, I have been a part of the Survey, Data-Gathering sub-committee. I have also been co-chair of the ARC the past 3 years and a member of the Safety and Security Committee. I have also been a part of the Audubon Data Gathering Sessions and part of the Housing Sub- committee. In addition, I have also been a part of the early planning stages of a Post-Disaster Recovery Plan sub-committee that will examine the processes needed to get Seabrook “back on its feet” in the event of a natural disaster. These experiences continue to give me a greater insight into the issues and challenges that the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association face. As a member of these various committees, I have found that the ability to maintain the good working relationship between the professional staff and the volunteer members of all the committees, helps to ensure that we continue in a positive direction.

I have always believed that I should do more than just be a part of a community; that I should offer to do more. In my community, my profession or in my church, I have always volunteered to participate in various activities.

During my 35+ years in education, I was a member of the NJ Principals and Supervisors Association where I also served on the Secondary Education Advisory Committee. I also was a member of the Atlantic County Coordinators of School Improvement and the Atlantic County Technology Coordinating Council. I was also president of the Mainland Administrators Association. In our home town of Millville NJ, I served on the city Board of Education for 2 terms before relocating to SC. This district contained 9 schools with grades from Pre-K to 12 with a budget of $100M+. My committee assignments included: chair of the curriculum committee, member of the policy committee, member of the technology committee, and member of the negotiations committee. As a member of the BOE, I also served on the leadership team for the Cumberland County School Boards Association and was on the NJ School Boards Association Board of Directors.

I have one position as a member of the Board of Directors: to continue to ensure that Seabrook Island remains a premier community. A balance between quality of life, the environment, and economic vitality needs to be maintained. The decisions made should always reflect continued growth, addressing identified strategic issues, all within the confines of the rules and bylaws, and budget.



My husband, Jim Brown, our 14-year-old daughter, Piper Brown, and I made Seabrook our home in August 2017. We’ve owned a home on Seabrook for the past 10 years that we visited as often as we could, and my husband and I have been vacationing on Seabrook since the 1980s. We’re avid tennis players and Jim and Piper also enjoy golf. We also enjoy family bike rides, the beach, and the equestrian center—our favorite part of the island. Somehow we also manage to find time to take Piper to Porter Gaud, where she’s a ninth grader. Piper’s on her school tennis team and jazz band, where she plays French horn, and she is a proud co-founder of her school’s Chinese Club. While we enjoyed living in New York, we deeply appreciate Seabrook’s natural environment and strong sense of community and we’re thrilled to finally be living here.

I recently retired from the New York City Department of City Planning, where I was the planner for Long Island City, Queens for 29 years. I worked closely with the local community and elected officials to initiate and direct public infrastructure projects, including the construction of a one-acre public park and wetland from land formerly used for public parking, as well as zoning changes that facilitated over 13,000 apartments and 3.5 million square feet of office space (but I don’t think we need that kind of density on Seabrook!).

I was fortunate to be able to combine my professional planning skills and love of Seabrook by serving on the Sense of Place Committee beginning in 2012, and then joining the Planning Committee after the Sense of Place project ended. In addition to collaborating closely with committee members and consultants on the Sense of Place final report, I’m proud to have worked with committee members and SIPOA leadership to establish a Style Guide for Seabrook’s streetscape elements including signs and screens. This effort resulted in the recent updating of all of the island’s street signs.

My familiarity with Seabrook’s governance and my planning skills will serve the island on issues such as resiliency and mobility that will continue to play a significant role in the island’s future. I’m also interested in working with the growing number of families with children who are making their home on Seabrook. As Piper would say, I will be as devoted to taking care of Seabrook as I am to taking care of her.



I am seeking a Board position because I would like to contribute to finding solutions for the numerous long and short-term challenges facing our community. As we begin to approach “build out” and sea level rise we will face critical infrastructure decisions that will affect all island property owners. At the same time, as some of our housing stock ages, we are likely to need mechanisms for dealing with homes and condos that have become neglected and uninhabitable. In the near term, as housing continues to be built, we are seeing a considerable loss of the habitat that our popular and precious wildlife require. Financial and community resources will need to be marshaled to help us deal with these and many other issues.

I spent the first part of my working life in retail management being involved in every bookkeeping aspect of the business including account payable and receivable, budgeting, payroll, purchasing and finance. When I switched careers to education I taught history for twelve years before I became a building administrator where I managed a large staff and worked to control expenses while maintaining high quality educational experiences for hundreds of kids.

In the two plus years that I have been a resident of Seabrook, moving from a condo to a house, I have been tremendously impressed with the community support and commitment that is demonstrated daily by the Seabrook family. As the coordinator of the Adopt-A-Highway Program that periodically cleans up a portion of Betsey Kerrison Highway outside our gates I regularly have to put out calls for assistance. The response is always heartening. I have had the pleasure to serve on both the Environmental Committee and the Activities Committee and I am regularly reminded of the commitment of the committee members and the level of expertise they bring to their tasks. Groups like SINHG and the SI Birders have hundreds of members demonstrating the involvement of our residents.

Serving on a subcommittee of the Environmental Committee looking into wildlife habitat preservation and SIPOA landscaping practices around our lakes lagoons and marshes has been an enlightening experience for me. On the committee were numerous very knowledgeable volunteers who had been members and heads of groups like the Greenspace Conservancy, the Club, the SIPOA Board and the Environmental Committee. We searched through the ARC and DHEC regulations as well as soliciting opinions from a wide range of property owners and wildlife experts. Two things struck me. It became apparent to me how many very talented people live here and how many of them have given so freely of their time and energy over the years to make Seabrook what it is. Serving on that subcommittee also showed me the diversity of thought on what’s appropriate for the future development of our home. By serving on the Board I hope to help find ways to build a consensus for solutions that will be sustainable.



After living on Seabrook Island for 5 years, I am running for the SIPOA Board of Directors to contribute to SIPOA’s financial planning and budgeting to insure that the Island’s needs are met in a fiscally prudent manner. In particular, I am seeking to fill the Treasurer vacancy that will be created when John Feldman leaves that position in February. I think I have experience and skill set to fulfill the Treasurer’s responsibilities and to provide continuity with the SIPOA Finance Committee.

I have served on the Finance Committee for the past three years. This experience has given me in-depth familiarity with SIPOA’s asset and liability accounts, its income and expense categories, and its operating and capital budgeting procedures. I enjoy good working relationships with the SIPOA staff involved with expenses and budgeting. Further, I hold a Ph.D. in economics, have taught at several major universities, and retired from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis as Senior Research Officer. During my 45 years as an economist, my focus has been money and banking, so I am very familiar with income statements, balance sheets and financial markets. I am also aware that all policy decisions involve trade offs (there are no free lunches) and that incentives are important (skin in the game matters).

In addition to the Finance Committee, I served on the Long Range Planning Committee for 4 years. This experience familiarized me with several of the critical needs the island will face over the next 10 to 20 years. We should:  improve road drainage on a continuing basis, due to the rise in sea level associated with global warming; replace and upgrade roads beginning in the next 5 to 10 years; re-cut the spit in 10 to 15 years; and begin mitigating the safety and congestion concerns as the Island builds out and ensure that our amenities continue to be attractive to the changing needs of prospective new property owners.

I also served on the Club’s Racquet Sports and Membership Committees (2 years each). Recently, I joined the Exchange Club and became a member of its Board.

My wife, Lee, and I vacationed on Seabrook Island for many years. In February 2012, we decided to retire here and bought a lot. We moved here permanently from Minneapolis early the following year and into the house we built in December 2013. We have been married for 51 years and have two children and four grandchildren. Lee and I are very happy with our decision to retire here. Seabrook Island is wonderful place to live. It is filled with friendly, interesting and caring people. It is naturally beautiful and has great amenities.

I enjoy playing tennis, cycling, a good glass of wine and economics.




Prior to moving to Seabrook in 1995 Dick and I lived in Columbus, Ohio where I was an educator for 36 years. Near the end of my tenure I was fortunate to have been chosen to mentor new teachers and teachers in trouble through the Columbus PAR program for 3 years.

I strongly believe in helping others and giving back to a community through volunteering.

When we moved to Seabrook in 1995, I became involved in local island activities. I was the Club’s social chairperson from 95-97, have been Events chairperson for SIPOA, have served on the SIPOA board, co-chaired the Alan Fleming silent auction, co-chaired SINHG programming, was president of SINHG, and have worked on numerous committees solely as  a committee member.

Outside of our immediate environs I have been a docent for the Charleston Historic Foundation for 22 years and have tutored children at Mt. Zion, Angel Oak and recently Meeting Street School.

What do I enjoy doing in my spare time? I like to travel, read, play tennis, golf, trivia, scrabble, Mah Jong and Bridge. I also participate as a packer for Backpack Buddies.

I have previously been on the Nominating Committee and feel it is one of the most important SIPOA committees on Seabrook. I would be honored to serve again.



Born and raised in the asphalt jungle of New York City, with memories of summer days spent on the tar beach rooftops of neighborhood apartment buildings, Seabrook Island is an idyllic lifestyle that I could never have imagined in my early years, yet here I am!

Having vacationed and lived part time on Seabrook for some fifteen years we have been full time residents for the last six.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the City College of New York, where I first met my wife of 48 years, Sarajane, and an MBA from the Baruch School of the City University of New York with a concentration in industrial psychology. While pursuing my graduate degree I taught in the New York City School System.

My business career began with an industrial colorants manufacturer, now a segment of BASF, where I had corporate responsibility for professional recruiting and training.

I was later recruited to lead the Management Training function for the Eaton Corporation, a global, diversified manufacturer, in Cleveland, Ohio. Honoring Horace Greeley’s admonition to “Go west…..!”, we piled into our Chevy and headed to the shores of Lake Erie. The suburbs of Cleveland, specifically Shaker Heights, proved to be a wonderful place to raise a family.

The city of Shaker Heights is landlocked and totally “built out”, thus continuously weighing how best to utilize and optimize existing resources to renew itself. Seabrook, in the near future, will find itself “built out” and accordingly must continue to plan on how best to address the potential consequences to assure the vitality of the community.

I remained with Eaton, for thirty two years culminating as the Vice President of Leadership and Organization Development for the Corporation with responsibility for executive development, succession planning, coaching, organization development, and Eaton’s corporate university.

While my life plan never included staying with one business for thirty plus years, I had the opportunity to work under five unique CEOs, each of whom breathed life into the values and vision of the organization. They continue to serve as my model of excellence for leaders in general, whether C-Suite executives or members of the SIPOA Board of Directors.

Over the years my interests led to serving a number of Ohio community organizations targeting education, the arts as well as regional economic development. I was a trustee or member of an advisory committee for an array of organizations including the Cleveland Institute of Art, Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management’s Executive Advisory Board; MAGNET of NE Ohio; “Cleveland NOW”; “The Innovation Vanguard” at Weatherhead; and Karamu House.

On Seabrook, I have served in an advisory role to support the 2016 Nominating Committee’s process improvement effort, becoming a candidate for the Committee myself, participated in all of the Audubon International focus groups, hosted Charleston Chamber Music, and currently serve as a member of the SIPOA Board’s Long Range Planning Committee. In addition I serve as a mentor for the College of Charleston’s MBA program, provide counsel for the Charleston Jewish Federation’s leadership development program, helped revise Congregation KKBE’s mission statement and participate in the Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative.

I humbly believe that my life experience and professional credentials would add value to the SIPOA Nominating Committee’s efforts.



My involvement with Seabrook Island has been long and happy. I’ve been a full-time resident for 12 years; Larry and I honeymooned here in 1979; and I attended Camp St. Christopher when the road into Seabrook wasn’t yet paved!

Regarding my service background, I was on the SIPOA Board of Directors from 2013-2016 and the SINHG board from 2006-2007. I was part of the Activities Committee that helped create the operational framework for the opening of the Lake House, and am a 12-year member of the Seabrook Island Artist Guild. Locally, I served 5 years on the board of the Charleston Artist Guild and 4 years on the board of the Middleton Place Foundation. I’m about to be inducted to the national board of the Archeological Institute of America for a 3-year term.

My professional background is as follows: As VP of Marketing for AT&T, I was responsible for a staff of 86 and a budget of $4.7 million. My prior background includes being General Manager of the Video Conferencing Division of Sprint, where I had sole responsibility for the Division’s P&L, managing the sales team, marketing, customer service and operations. As VP of Marketing for Savvis Communications, I helped take the company public and was part of the management team that grew the company from $16 million to over $300 million. After retiring from my high tech career, I “rewired” to focus on becoming a full-time artist, while simultaneously working at the Lowcountry Land Trust as Director of Development for 5 years. My most pertinent experience to the role of the SIPOA Nominating Committee was my 5 years as a Managing Director for the executive recruiting firm of Russell Reynolds Associates. My responsibility was business development, as well as extensive interviewing and analysis of the ‘fit’ of executives to my client companies.

I believe that it’s incumbent upon willing & able Property Owners to do all they can to ensure the health and well-being of our island. I support the Vision & Core Values of SIPOA and am happy to serve again if approved.