Caring for the Beach

The Town of Seabrook Island, the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association, and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources oversee management of our beautiful beaches. As the spring and summer seasons begin, this summary of the rules and regulations regarding how you are required to care for our beaches will be helpful. Remember: The Town’s Beach Patrol issues warnings and citations for infractions of Town ordinances pertaining to the beach.

Stay off the sand dunes. No people, other than those specifically authorized by the Town and the Department of Natural Resources, or dogs may walk on sand dunes. Also, vegetation, such as sea oats, may not be removed from the sand dunes. The dunes are protected because that is where the loggerhead turtles lay their eggs in the soft sand and where endangered/threatened bird species make their nests.

No littering. All trash, paper, bottles, cans, dog excrement, and other litter must be removed from the beach before the end of the day. If you see trash on the beach, please take a few minutes to pick it up. Trash is dangerous for wildlife and can pollute our waters. Balloons on strings are especially dangerous for the turtles. Please leave the beach in a beautiful and clean condition, ready for the next person or family.

Don’t leave things on the beach. Unless the Town has granted special permission in writing, all personal property (tents, tent frames, chairs, umbrellas, clothing, coolers, toys or other beach equipment) left unattended on the beach after sunset is considered abandoned and will be disposed of.

Restore the beach after digging or constructing. Anyone digging a hole or building a castle on the beach must level the sand surface to its natural condition before leaving the beach. Our loggerhead turtles can get trapped in the holes and beach walkers could trip and fall, so please fill in and restore the beach before you leave it.

No fires. No grills, cookers, or any heating devices using fire are allowed on the beach. Building or maintaining a fire or open flame is permitted only above the high water mark and when advance permission has been granted in writing by the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association. (Permits may be obtained by submitting an application via the SIPOA website.)

No motorized watercraft. Launching or landing of motorized watercraft on our beaches is prohibited. Negligent operation of any vessel or watercraft on or near our beaches is also prohibited.

No motorized vehicles.  Motorized vehicles may not be operated on the beach except as authorized by the Town.

No chumming.  No chopped or ground fish bait is permitted on or within 600 feet of the beach. This does not affect or prohibit the baiting of crab traps or the placement of natural bait upon a hook and line.

Fishing is allowed on the beach but a saltwater fishing license is required for ages 16 and above.  Licenses may be obtained at Seacoast Sports and Outfitters (843-768-8486) at Freshfields Village or Bohicket Marina (8430768-1280). Please do not fish near sunbathers.

Tidelines Editors