Video of Truck Recovery in Cap’n Sams 6/10/2015

This video shows the recovery of the truck that was lost in closing of the cut last week.

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Video by Hal Copple

Cap’n Sams Cut – Today 6/10/2015

R.E. Goodson was on the jobsite at low tide early this morning to remove the dump truck and bulldozer that were submerged in the inlet.  Using additional bulldozers, dump trucks and cables, the dump truck was removed at about 7:30am and the bulldozer at approximately 9:15am.  Although the fuel had been drained from both vehicles when they became stuck in the inlet, absorbent barriers were positioned around the equipment in the event any fuel was released from the submerged vehicles during removal.  Representatives of the Coast Guard, OCRM and SCDHEC were onsite for the entire process and indicated the site was clean and the activity posed no environmental threat.
The stockpiling of sand continues on both sides of the inlet.  This will continue until sufficient quantities have been accumulated and the closure can be completed.  Our engineering firm is optimistic that it can take place later this week depending on weather and tide cycles.
Heather Paton
SIPOA Executive Director

Cap’n Sams Cut Today 6/9/2015

Copyright ©  Patricia P Schaefer Copyright ©  Patricia P Schaefer Copyright ©  Patricia P Schaefer Copyright ©  Patricia P Schaefer Copyright ©  Patricia P Schaefer Copyright ©  Patricia P Schaefer Copyright ©  Patricia P Schaefer Copyright ©  Patricia P Schaefer Copyright ©  Patricia P Schaefer Copyright ©  Patricia P SchaeferHere are some photos, courtesy of Patricia Schaefer.


These are the guys working to stockpile more sand for the next attempt at closing.


The guys in the water I believe are connecting the cables to drag the equipment out tomorrow.


The last one is the new bulldozer coming in for tomorrow’s work.

Patricia Schaefer

Cap’n Sams Relocation Project Update: 06/08/15

R.E. Goodson was back on site this morning at 8:00 AM. They began scraping and stockpiling sand. They will continue stockpiling sand until they have enough to begin the closure sequence. The tide conditions are favorable on Thursday and Friday, and they hope to attempt the closure as early as Thursday if they have enough sand stockpiled.
R.E. Goodson will attempt to recover the dump truck and bulldozer that were lost during the first closure attempt on Wednesday morning at low tide by pulling them out using two bulldozers and steel cables. They are bringing in two additional larger bulldozers to help with this recovery and the closure sequence.
All of the fuel and oil was removed from the vehicles by a dive team over the weekend. SCDHEC and the US Coast Guard have visited the site and inspected it for navigation safety and environmental concerns. At no point did the contractor, engineer, or regulatory inspectors find any evidence fuel or oil leaks.
Heather Paton
SIPOA Executive Director

Things to do with Visitors – Charleston County Parks and Recreation

Did you know that the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission offers a diverse variety of activities, camps, festivals and events throughout the year.  Activities are for the young and not-so-young!  They host bird walks, teach kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing, archery and rock wall climbing, to name a few.  They offer first aid training, basketball clinics, adventure camps for kids and so much more.   Please go to view their calendar of activities and events or to to request a catalog of the County’s Parks & Recreation programs.   This is a great source of activities if you have people visiting!

-Tidelines Editor