Coming Soon: FortyEight – A Wine Bar

Freshfields Village is excited to announce the upcoming opening of FortyEight – A Wine Bar.

FortyEight – A Wine Bar will offer:
-48 Exceptional Wines by the Glass Everyday
-840 Hand Selected Wines by the Bottle Everyday
-48 Local and Regional Craft Beers
-Delicious Light Fare.
The expected opening date of this exciting new addition is late October.

As part of this opening, Kiawah Spirits has relocated right next door inside  the Kiawah Wines store.  The hours of this new Kiawah Spirits and Kiawah Wines combination store will be Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.  Per SC State Law, the store will be closed on Sundays.

If you have any questions in regards to FortyEight – A Wine Bar, or the new location for the Kiawah Spirits store, please contact Loren Beadle at

Submitted by Trish Pruitt

Town is the Presenter Sponsor of the Alan Fleming Tournament

Town of Seabrook banner - reducedThe Town of Seabrook Island is proud to announce that it is the Presenter Sponsor of the Alan Fleming Senior Open Clay Court State Championship that will be held here on the Island in October.A comprehensive and persuasive presentation by the Fleming Committee was made to the Council describing the importance of the Tournament and the positive economic impact it would have on the Seabrook Island.  Council was told that 2015 marks the 34th year of the tournament that has grown into one of the most popular events on the southern senior tournament schedule.  Of particular relevance to Seabrook Island, it was added, is that this is a senior championship for people ranging in age from 35 to 80 years old, all prime tourism candidates for Seabrook Island.

The benefits to the Town of Seabrook Island were supported by an Estimated Economic Impact Study prepared by Charleston Area Sports Commission, part of the Charleston Visitors Bureau.   Based on data from the 2014 tournament, the study concluded that last year the tournament generated $330,000 of commercial revenue, the majority of which was spent locally.  This did not include a real estate sale to one of the competitors.

The request to the Council was that the Town be a Presenter Sponsor, contributing $5,000.  This would sponsor the welcoming cocktail party on Thursday and the dinner on Friday night.  After discussion, the motion was approved by unanimous vote of the Council.

In consideration for the sponsorship, the Fleming Committee would list the Town on the Sponsor banner at the Racquet Club for a full year.  During the Tournament, three Town banners will be prominently displayed.  In addition, the Town’s sponsorship will be referenced in all of the Tournament’s printed material.  Council members were invited to the cocktail party and the dinner.

Submitted by Sally Kimball, Tidelines Writer

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County Finance Committee Acts On Flyover

At the 24 September meeting of the Charleston County Finance Committee approval was given to begin negotiations of termination of a contract with South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) for work relating to the proposed “superstreet” renovation of the intersection of US 17 and Main Road. Termination of the SCDOT contract is expected to free-up $1.5 millions that would then be applied to work relating to the proposed separated grade renovation (so-called “flyover”). During discussion of the motion for contract termination, it was noted that the Charleston County Legislative Delegation Roads and Bridges Committee expressed support for the flyover at a meeting 22 September.

Submitted by John Gregg

Charleston County Legislative Delegation Roads and Bridges Subcommittee Meeting, Sept 22, 2015

This meeting was held to discuss flooding and traffic congestion at the US 17-Main Road intersection, specifically the merits of the “flyover” vs “superstreet” options. The subcommittee includes Senators Campson and Thurmond and Rep. Robert Brown. The meeting was not heavily attended—about 25-30 people. The chair took 5 or 6 comments from the floor, but most of the input came from transportation and engineering experts from SC DOT (Robert Cross) and Charleston County (Jim Armstrong). My impressions are:
1.      Neither the superstreet nor flyover will, by itself, solve the flooding problem that occurred earlier this month. That will require raising the Main Road bed and improving the drainage in certain spots, especially under the CSX tracks. Mr. Cross said that not only are the drain pipes under the CSX too small by today’s requirements, but they were also partially clogged by flood debris.
2.      Mr. Cross said that SC DOT has plans to raise the Main Road bed soon—he hopes to have it done by Christmas. (He actually told me this as an aside after the meeting. The subcommittee didn’t pursue this issue; they focused mainly on the superstreet/flyover question). He also said they have cleared the debris and are in discussion with CSX about increasing the drain capacity.
3.      The other major problem at that intersection is the congestion caused by left turning traffic. The superstreet plan would address this by devoting multiple lanes to turning traffic, although left turning traffic would first turn right, then make a U-turn at a signaled intersection about a quarter mile up the road. Mr. Cross said this arrangement would allow better synchronization of signals and therefore more efficiently move traffic. He also said this design is modeled on several US-17 intersections near Wilmington, NC that work quite well.
4.      Since the flyover is an idea, but not an assigned project, no engineering or planning work has been done on it. It’s not even clear which road would “flyover” the other, although Mr. Cross said he assumed it would be a US-17 overpass. Therefore there was no discussion at all on how the left turning traffic congestion would be handled.
5.      The superstreet is an approved project with funding—they are presently in the process of getting rights of way. They have a fairly definite cost estimate of $3.5 million and a two year timetable, depending on how long it takes to get rights of way. The flyover is way more uncertain. Mr. Armstrong of Charleston County estimated a 6-8 year time to  completion at a $60 million cost, but that sounded very much like a SWAG and if you were forced to bet on the over/under, smart money would be on the over.
6.      After about 45 minutes of discussion, Rep. Brown made a motion to recommend to Charleston County Council the flyover instead of the superstreet. The motion passed unanimously and will be forwarded to County Council Sept. 24.
7.      Everybody that spoke from the floor was in favor of the flyover. It’s my impression that the counter intuitive nature of turn right to go left was off putting. I also spoke, but not in favor of either—I said I hoped that they could make a definite decision and move on it rather than the continued waffling that has characterized road discussion for the past 15 years.
8.      The I-526 extension came up for some discussion. People speaking from the floor, except me, were opposed to it, and when asked were quick to respond that I-526 has nothing to do with the flooding or congestion at US-17 and Main Road. I think the subcommittee agreed with the first part, but not the second.
9.      One of the speakers from the floor is an attorney representing the Coastal Conservation League; she said the League was in favor of the flyover option. Sen. Thurmond asked her if the League’s interest had to do with the hope/expectation that monies earmarked for I-526 would be diverted to the flyover. She danced around the question nicely, but basically said yes.

Submitted by Jody Turner, Seabrook Island Town Council
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Meetings Concerning Main Road/ US 17 Issues

For anyone interested in attending, there are two more meetings scheduled for this week:-
1) Charleston County Legislative Delegation’s Roads and Bridges Committee
Tuesday September 22nd,  6:00pm
Charleston County Council Chambers
4045 Bridge View Drive
North Charleston, SC 29405
The purpose of this meeting is to discuss plans to resolve some of the issues on Main Road, Johns Island, SC. Representatives from the SCDOT, City of Charleston Traffic and Transportation Department, and Charleston County Transportation Development are planning to attend.
2) Charleston County Finance Committee Meeting
Thursday September 24th, 5:00pm
Lonnie Hamilton III Public Services Building 2nd Floor
4045 Bridge View Drive
North Charleston, SC 29405
At this meeting, Charleston County Council will consider addressing problems at Main Road and US 17 by reallocating funding from the “Superstreet” to an elevated flyover design for the flood-prone intersection.
Submitted by Tidelines Editor

South Carolina new area code/new dialing instructions starting Sep 19th

The Post and Courier reported on August 10, 2015 that there will be a new area code (854) for all new telephone numbers from Hilton Head to Florence, SC beginning on September 19, 2015.  Also starting September 19th, we will have to dial the area code plus the 7-digit telephone number when dialing an 843-area code number.

Click here to see the Post & Courier article.

-Submitted by Tidelines Editor


Public Officials to Address Offshore Drilling

U.S. Representative Mark Sanford and South Carolina State Senator Chip Campsen will speak at the “Not Worth the Risk” launch rally of the organization Don’t Drill Lowcountry. The event is being held on Tuesday, September 15th, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at 32 Patriot’s Point Road in Mt. Pleasant. The meeting venue is the Yacht Club Room on the second floor of the Fish House restaurant. Free parking is available in the front and also in the Pavilion parking lot. Limited space is available, and organizers are asking for RSVP’s using this form.

The Town of Seabrook Island has passed a resolution in opposition to offshore drilling on the South Carolina coast.

—Submitted by Richard Wildermann

TIDECASTING: Audio Interview with Civil Rights Veteran John Reynolds

August 2015 was the 50th Anniversary of the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965, widely regarded as the most important piece of legislation since the Civil War. Seabrook resident John Reynolds worked at the highest levels of the civil rights movement in the 1960s as a trusted colleague of Dr. Martin Luther King, Ralph David Abernathy, and other top leaders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

In this two-part Tidecast audio interview, Mr. Reynolds recounts his experiences and talks about how the Voting Rights Act changed the political landscape in the American South. He is joined by his wife Gloria for part of the session.

John is the author of the book, The Fight for Freedom: A Memoir of My Years in the Civil Rights Movement (AuthorHouse, 2012), available at Indigo Books in Freshfields Village and from online sources.

[Note: Click photos to enlarge. To access audio files, continue below.]

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Sea Island Habitat Receives Wells Fargo Grant

Sea Island Habitat LogoSea Island Habitat for Humanity has announced receipt of a $68,000 grant from Wells Fargo Bank to sponsor construction of a new 1100 sq. ft. home in the Brownswood Place neighborhood on Johns Island. The recipient, a single mother of three, will have a 30-year interest free mortgage in exchange for providing 300 to 500 sweat equity hours, among other commitments. Sea Island Habitat is the third oldest Habitat in the country.

More details are included in the press release here: News Release_Sea Island HFH Grant

—Submitted by Julia Hammer


More on September 10 Charleston Council Committee Meeting

At the 10 September meeting of the Charleston County Finance Committee, the Committee will take up an aspect of funding relating to the proposed “flyover” for the intersection of Main Road and Route 17. The Finance Committee meeting is scheduled for 5:00 pm at Charleston County Public Services Building (4045 Bridge View Drive, North Charleston). The meeting is open to the public.

The agenda and backgrounder on the flyover can be viewed here: CCfncnccmt091015

—Submitted by John Gregg



Roadway Flooding Rekindles Transportation Debate

Recent flooding at the intersection of Main Road and Highway 17–and the resulting gridlock on two-lane Maybank Highway–gave Seabrookers a taste of what it’s like to have only one functioning way on and off Johns Island. It also served to rekindle debate over future transportation improvements.

Upcoming meetings of the Charleston County Council and its committees are likely to provide forums for lively discussion now that the issue has been brought front-and-center again, causing county officials and lobbying groups to once more advance their positions on controversial projects and alternative designs.

For those interested in attending, here are the dates for the upcoming meetings:

Charleston County Council Committee Meeting
Thursday, September 10th
Lonnie Hamilton, III Public Services Building
2nd Floor, 4045 Bridge View Drive
North Charleston, South Carolina 29405

Charleston County Council Meeting
Tuesday, September 15th
Lonnie Hamilton, III Public Services Building
2nd Floor, 4045 Bridge View Drive
North Charleston, South Carolina 29405

—Tidelines Editor