Chuck Cross

Chuck Cross Candidate for Seabrook Island Town Council

After much deliberation, I am running for Seabrook Island Town Council and humbly ask for your support.  

Our paradise is at a crossroads. A vocal group on social media portrays our town as dysfunctional, often berates our elected officials, questions their integrity, and belittles our town staff. If anyone disagrees with them, their accusations and innuendo are directed toward those who take a contrary position. All voices should equally be heard, not just a vocal few. This election should not be about a litany of single issues. Instead, it should be about keeping our attention on the many vital matters, both fundamental and strategic, that our Town Council must address. 

For many years, Seabrook Island’s property owners have identified that the natural environment is the community’s number one asset. I enthusiastically agree. As guardians of that great asset, our community’s leaders must make its protection and enhancement a primary objective. Cooperating with local and state jurisdictions and volunteer groups, we must continue to monitor our beaches and help protect the wildlife there. We must be stewards of our marshes and do all we can to mitigate the detrimental effects of rising tides and climate change. And we must be fiscally responsible. This includes maintaining our infrastructure, improving Seabrook Island Road between the Freshfields traffic circle and Landfall Way, expanding Town Hall, and constructing a much-needed garage for the Town’s equipment.  

And we must strategically look forward to the future and objectively plan for the reality of our island’s changing demographics. 

After renting for several years, my wife, Jean, and I completed the construction of our home on Middle Dam Court in 2017. Service has long been a commitment to the communities we live in. I have served on SIPOA’s Finance Committee, the Long Range Planning’s Facilities Subcommittee, the SIPOA Board of Directors, the Chair of its Architectural Review Committee, the Seabrook Island Club’s Membership Committee, and the Town’s Board of Zoning Appeals.  

While managing a boutique commercial real estate firm, I oversaw a diverse portfolio of assets. That role required an ability to listen first, understand the objectives of multiple stakeholders, and finally develop an approach that addressed the collective needs of all participants, not those with a singular particular interest. 

Effective community leaders contribute hundreds of hours as selfless volunteers, not posting hundreds of aggrieved complaints on social media. The ability to listen with an open mind is what our community needs most to move forward positively. Town Council is here to serve all on the island as it continues evolving towards a bright future. Communities like Seabrook Island don’t happen by accident. It takes countless hours invested by effective servant-leaders who serve without any personal agenda, expect nothing in return, have a record of successful collaboration, and strive to make decisions that benefit all, not just the most vocal. 

I look forward to continuing to serve all the citizens of Seabrook Island. On November 7, I would very much appreciate your vote. 

Every vote counts!! Thank you.

-Submitted by Chuck Cross