Dan Kortvelesy

Dan Kortvelesy Candidate for Seabrook Island Town Council

Let me start by saying that it has been an honor and privilege to serve the Seabrook Island community as a member of the Town Council. I have devoted much time to community service in my life before and after relocating to Seabrook Island in 2011. As a member of various SIPOA committees, member of the SIPOA board, and now a member of the town council, I have found each experience to be rewarding and fulfilling. I hope to continue to serve as a member of town council in 2024 and 2025. During my first term, I acted as chair of the Public Safety Committee (PSC). Let me highlight some recent accomplishments.

  • Initiated and continued ongoing conversations with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Department (CCSD) relating to identified concerns, reviewed data that discovers trends in the public safety area.
  • Began and continue ongoing conversations with the St John’s Fire District (StJFD). One area which the committee is most proud of is the connection made between StJFD and Seabrook Island Village (SIV). Here we have identified some of SI’s most vulnerable citizens for more focused attention during public safety emergencies.
  • This year at a meeting of the Disaster Recovery Council, we added a presentation from the National Weather Service (NWS) regarding storm predictions, storm watches and storm warnings.
  • The PSC has made it a priority to engage with the SIPOA Safety & Security committee (S&S).
  • Updated estimates of the costs of storm clean up were calculated and presented to the PSC. This update was completed to help ensure that sufficient funds are available if needed for disaster recovery needs. 

    It was my extensive experience in Seabrook Island governance, along with a hardworking, devoted group of committee members, that contributed to the PSC being successful over the past 2 years. In addition, with that experience, we will be able to maintain the goals we have achieved and achieve even more in the future. Additional work needs to be done. 

    I firmly believe that experience counts! I want to continue to use my experience over the next 2 years in order to meet the challenges that the Seabrook Island community will face. I believe that the ability to work together to address common concerns needs to be maintained. The decisions made by the Town of Seabrook Island (TOSI) should always reflect continued positive growth, addressing the identified strategic issues, dealing with change in all forms, and completing this all within the confines of the laws of TOSI and SC, and adopted budget.

-Submitted by Dan Kortvelesy