Parking on Seabrook Island

Do you know… where parking is permitted on Seabrook Island?

When visiting the home of friends on the island or going to the beach (especially during crowded vacation times), it can be a challenge to know when and where it is allowable to park. SIPOA Rules and Regulations addresses these questions.

  • Parking on SIPOA roads is limited to one side of the road and in the direction of traffic.
  • On unimproved lots:
    • Parking is permitted on the right of way in front of the lot.
    • Such parking is only temporary.
  • On improved lots:
    • Parking is permitted in front of the lot on the grass portion with permission of the owner.
    • Such parking is only temporary.
  • Parking at the SIPOA Oyster Catcher Community Center lot requires a black and white barcode decal, a Property Owner Pass or an authorized pass for a special event, the absence of which could result in a parking citation and violation assessment.
  • Parking is prohibited:
    • On or within 50 feet of a traffic island or fire hydrant.
    • Overnight on SIPOA roads.
    • On SIPOA roads for beach access.
  • Parking for beach access is in designated areas close to boardwalks and in specifically designated areas at the Island House.
  • Parking in regime and association parking lots is limited to owners and guests of owners of regime and associations. When using Boardwalks 7, 8 and 9, parking at Spinnaker, Beach Club Villas, Pelican Watch Villas, and Atrium Villas is for owners and their guests only.
  • Parking in handicap parking spaces is permitted only with a valid government-issued parking permit.

These are taken from SIPOA Rules and RegulationsSection III. E. 1 – 3.

Tidelines Editors