SIPOA Rules and Regulations

Do you know….that there are 44 pages of SIPOA Rules and Regulations? That’s a lot to keep track of and we plan to help you do just that.

Have you ever found yourself surprised to learn that you have broken a rule on Seabrook Island? Perhaps you parked on the road facing traffic or hung beach towels to dry on your deck railing. Even though you may think you know the rules, you may find yourself surprised when a citation is issued!

To avoid such surprises, Tidelines will provide a series of posts to highlight the SIPOA Rules and Regulations that govern life on Seabrook Island and ensure the quality of life we enjoy here. These were updated December 21, 2018, and apply to all property owners, residents, renters, visitors, and contractors. Since this means essentially everyone on the island, it is in our mutual best interest to be aware of and respectful of these rules.

Each post in the series will be titled Do You Know…? and will detail relevant regulations on a variety of topics such as parking, driving on Seabrook Island and beach etiquette. In addition, we will indicate where to find a particular citation in the SIPOA Rules and Regulations as well as a link to access the document directly. We think you will find this information helpful and are hopeful it will prevent any unwanted surprises.

To access SIPOA Rules and Regulations click here. To see more SIPOA documents, go here and use the Rules & Governing Documents dropdown menu.

Tidelines Editors