Gordon Weis

Gordon Weis Candidate for Seabrook Island Town Council

I am running for a position on the Seabrook Island Town Council and would very much appreciate your support and vote at the November 7 election.

A little background…

Mollie and I retired in January 2009 and moved to downtown Chicago. In May of 2018 we re-retired to Seabrook Island. Our long-term goal is to remain here on Seabrook Island until the time comes to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. I think we still have a few more years.

In Chicago, I was president of our condo association board for 7 years. I worked with other board members to achieve both our short- and long-term goals.

My background is retirement/pension planning, securities, and computers. After retiring in 2009, I started a business where I provided computer communication services for 60+ condo associations in downtown Chicago. That business was liquidated in 2022.


I have always believed in being involved. Being involved gives one a much better understanding of the community and the issues that it faces.

I spent a year on the SIPOA communications committee and then needed to allocate my time to my small business.

I have watched the town meetings on YouTube and attended a few; I have noticed a change in the overall tone of the meetings. The Town Council is there to represent the residents of Seabrook Island and as of late, they seem to give no thought or care to the input from residents. The annexation of the yacht club could have resulted in major issues to the town of Seabrook Island. Fortunately, an outside attorney found the issues before the current Town Council finalized the transaction.

On my website, you can find changes that I would like to see and information on the Andell Annexation and why it was stopped.


My goal of being on the Town Council is to work with the mayor and other members to help establish an open line of communication between residents, owners, and the Town Council. There shouldn’t be meetings that are held behind closed doors for years before informing residents and owners about what is being considered.

My overall goal is to help make Seabrook Island an even better place to live and enjoy life. That can be done by opening the communication lines and representing the residents and owners of Seabrook Island.

More information can be found on my website.

You can contact me by email:Gordon@GWeis.net.

-Submitted by Gordon Weis