Public Boardwalks

Do you know… there are nine beach access points? We are very fortunate to have a wonderful beach with plenty of access points to it. There are ten boardwalks going to the beachBoardwalk Post June 2018 and nine coming back from the beach. Boardwalk 3 starts from the beach and forks into Boardwalk 3A and 3B on the road.

Boardwalks 1 and 2 start on Oyster Catcher Court (For Boardwalk 1, you have to go through the SIPOA Oyster Catcher Community Center Parking Lot.)

Parking at the Community Center lot requires a black and white barcode SIPOA decal, a Property Owner Pass or an authorized pass for a special event, the absence of which could result in a parking citation and violation assessment.

The rest of the boardwalks start on various places on Seabrook Island Road. For a larger printable map, click here.Please note that the SIPOA boardwalks are all numbered with plenty of public access to them. If a boardwalk isn’t numbered, it is a private walkway and will not give you access to the road from the beach or to the beach from the road.

People with mobility issues can use Boardwalk 1 and 9. To use the road next to Boardwalk 1 in order to get to the handicap parking, you must call the Security Gate to have them unlock the barrier across the road. Boardwalk 1 is also the location of beach wheelchairs for people with mobility issues.  They are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Boardwalk 9 also has handicap parking near the boardwalk itself.

Tidelines Editors

(Map courtesy of Town of Seabrook Island and Seabrook Island Real Estate)