Sharon Welch

Sharon Welch Candidate for Seabrook Island Town Council

As a fellow citizen of the Town of Seabrook Island, I’d like to share some of my thoughts and information about myself.

Whether you are a villa owner or live in a single-family home, we all share this beautiful island. We all have a common interest in preserving the island’s natural beauty while continuing to provide its residents and visitors with a viable community lifestyle.

I am running for Town Council to offer a balanced perspective to managing our island and ensuring a desirable quality of life for all our residents. As your Town Council representative, I will work hard with integrity and honesty and with no personal agenda in mind. I want our community to be environmentally safe and fiscally secure. I will strive to create a team effort among the Town Council to provide transparency in all our efforts to protect the island’s natural resources and planned growth. 

I currently serve as a member of your Planning Commission. I have an extensive background in development, predominantly residential development, focusing on conservation community zonings and some commercial sites for self-storage. As a realtor and developer partner with my husband, Ron Welch, I have experience in land use, working with many smaller towns in land assemblage, re-zoning, negotiation with local planning commissions and citizens, state department of transportation, stormwater management, and the Federal Clean Water Act.  

Additionally, I’ve worked directly with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Charleston County Sheriff’s Department, Marine Division, and the Nature Conservancy as a Caretaker/Coastal resource Manager on Botany Bay Island. I was responsible for keeping the beach and the island safe and private. 

My combined experience was an excellent fit for serving on the Town of Seabrook Island Planning Commission.

“The Commission is responsible for overseeing the administration of subdivision and land development regulations upon adoption by the Town Council, including, but not limited to, the review and approval of subdivision plats and commercial developments. Town Council may also task the Commission with reviewing and providing recommendations on any other municipal matter.”

I have a working knowledge of the Development Standards Ordinance, Code of Ordinance, and the Town of Seabrook Island 2019 Comprehensive Plan. The Town of Seabrook Island’s Strategic priorities for 2022-23 as referenced on their website are Seabrook Island Road, Code Enforcement, Short Term Rental policies, and a garage. I can be instrumental in assisting on these projects. 

I am a licensed realtor in Georgia and South Carolina and proud to be a member of Dunes Properties – The Kiawah Seabrook Group family. As realtors, we know our community property values and our citizens’ needs.  

I have the qualifications and the desire to serve. I support Jeri Finke for mayor and applaud her efforts throughout the years. Her knowledge and work ethic are paramount in moving Seabrook toward a sound future. Experience is crucial for Town Council members to ensure a desirable quality of life for all our residents.

I request your support by voting for me on November 7, 2023.

-Submitted by Sharon Welch