Town of Seabrook Island Candidate Barry Goldstein

Below is information about Barry Goldstein who is running for one of the 4 Town Council seats.

Barry Goldstein and his wife Martha starting visiting Seabrook Island in 2011 and enjoyed the Island so much that they purchased a lot, thought this seemed like paradise, and built their house in 2012. After a few years as part-time residents, they decided to relocate to Seabrook and became full-time residents in 2015. Originally from New England, Barry and Martha spent the previous 20 years living in South Florida and raising their two sons, now grown and on their own. Barry is an engineer who was a principal in an engineering firm in Miami, Florida, and has practiced Civil-Geotechnical Engineering for over 30 years. After selling his business, he currently is “testing” retirement; and still works a few hours a week. 

Barry’s professional experience includes the skill and practice of many of the important and costly issues the Town is currently dealing with including roads, asphalt paving, site development, surface and runoff drainage, flooding, beach erosion and re-nourishment, and wastewater treatment systems. 

Barry has been on the Town Council since 2019 and although he had no previous direct experience with government administration, as a small business owner and engineer, he does provide the Town of Seabrook Island with practical knowledge on many subjects including its roadways, drainage, and other infrastructure.  

-Provided by Barry Goldstein to Tidelines