Town of Seabrook Island Candidate Lee Vancini

Below is information about Lee Vancini who is running for Utilities Commissioner.

In early 1990, Lee Vancini moved from the Northeast into a new home on Seabrook Island. He brought with him 20 years of involvement in corporate finance concentrated in strategic transactions consisting of mergers, acquisitions, and leveraged buyouts as an intermediary and principal. In joining a family-owned Charleston company, he continued this activity serving private companies in General Aviation.

With this background, Lee was recruited in 1993 to join a special acquisition committee established by the Town of Seabrook Island to analyze, structure, negotiate and fund the purchase of the assets and business of Heater of Seabrook, the water and sewer utility, by the Town in late 1995. Lee was appointed to the SIUC in November 2007, replacing a deceased commissioner. In 2009, he was elected to a six-year term as Vice Chairman. That was followed by his election on the same terms in 2015.

Lee is often asked why he would now willingly tack on 6 more years to a 14-year career. First, the age and configuration of the assets present constant challenges to maintain their effective use and balance sheet support; a discipline prevalent in Lee’s business background. As important is the excitement pending from potential new service requirements to be developed outside the Seabrook gate.

-Provided by Lee Vancini to Tidelines