Comment Standards

Posting Standards and Terms of Agreement for Comments

From time to time, posts to this blog will solicit comments from readers.   The authors of any comments must provide their full name and email address.  No comments will be posted without this information.  Any comments posted will include the author’s name but not their email address.  The email address is only needed in the event the Blog editors need to contact the author about their comment or respond to their questions.   Any email addresses submitted will not be shared or used with any other entity or for any other purpose than those stated.

Comments will be curated by the Blog editors before posting. Comments will not be posted if they are off-topic, longer than 300 words, contain abusive language, contain a commercial message, or impugn the character, competency or integrity of any individual/s. It is acceptable to be critical of actions and policies. A good guideline is: “be hard on the problem and soft on the people.” Comments which violate the above standards will not be published or will be sent back to the comment author to be edited, to allow the comment to meet these publication guidelines.

The editors will strive to post comments that meet these standards and require no follow-up with the author within 48 hours of submittal.  Comments that require follow-up or a response from the Blog editors may take longer.

Comments submitted to this Blog become the property of this Blog. The editors may forward comments to other individuals and entities in order to answer questions posed in the comments and provide requested information to the author and others.

May 2017