Locations of Public Boardwalks

SI_Boardwalk_Map_June_2018We are very fortunate to have a wonderful beach with plenty of access points to it. There are ten boardwalks going to the beach and nine coming back from the beach. Boardwalk 3 that starts from the beach forks into Boardwalk 3A and 3B on the road.

Boardwalk Post June 2018Boardwalks 1 and 2 start on Oyster Catcher Court (For Boardwalk 1, you have to go through the Property Owners Parking Lot.)

The rest of the boardwalks start on various places on Seabrook Island Road. For a larger printable map, click here.

Please note that the SIPOA boardwalks are all numbered with plenty of public access to them. If a boardwalk isn’t numbered, it is a private walkway and will not give you access to the road from the beach or to the beach from the road.

People with mobility issues can use Boardwalk 1 and 9. To use the road next to Boardwalk 1, you must call the Security Gate to have them unlock the barrier across the road. Boardwalk 9 has parking near the boardwalk itself.