Locations of Public Boardwalks

Do you know… there are nine beach access points on Seabrook Island?

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We are very fortunate to have a wonderful beach with plenty of access points to it.

Boardwalks 1 and 2 start on Oyster Catcher Court. For Boardwalk 1, you have to go through the SIPOA Oyster Catcher Community Center Parking Lot. On the map below, Boardwalks 1, 2, and the path from the Ocean Point Subdivision appear to intersect in the sand. It looks like this because the boardwalk is built over the dunes.

Boardwalk 3 starts from the beach and forks into Boardwalks 3A and 3B on the road.

Please note that Boardwalk 8 does not have access to or from the beach due to high tide events. There is a ramp that provides access to a sitting area at the top of the hill, but there are no longer stairs to the beach.

The rest of the boardwalks start on various places on Seabrook Island Road. For a larger printable map, click here.


The SIPOA boardwalks are all numbered with plenty of public access to them. If a boardwalk isn’t numbered, it is a private walkway and will not give you access to the road from the beach or to the beach from the road.

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People with mobility issues can use Boardwalks 1 and 9. To use the road next to Boardwalk 1 in order to get to the handicap parking, you must call the Security Gate to have them unlock the barrier across the road. Boardwalk 1 is also the location of beach wheelchairs for people with mobility issues. They are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Boardwalk 9 also has handicap parking near the boardwalk itself.

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Parking at the Community Center lot for Boardwalk 1 requires a black and white barcode SIPOA decal, a Property Owner Pass, or an authorized pass for a special event, the absence of which could result in a parking citation and violation assessment.

Property owners should share this information with visitors and rental guests. 

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(Map courtesy of Town of Seabrook Island and Seabrook Island Real Estate)

Updated February 2023