Pets on the Beach

Do you know… there are beach rules for pets?

The Town of Seabrook Island has rules about where, when, and how dogs are allowed on the beach. This ordinance went into effect on October 24, 2019 and was subsequently renewed by the Town Council on September 8, 2020.  There are three areas of the beach and the color stated next to each area refers to the beach map prepared by the Town. Click here to see the map as well as definitions of various relevant terms such as off-leash, on leash, nuisance, and effectively controlled. The highlights of this ordinance are as follows:

Restricted Area (Red): The restricted area begins at a line extending from Boardwalk #1 (Community Center Boardwalk) to the Atlantic Ocean and continues in a northeasterly direction to Cap’n Sams Inlet. Within the restricted area, no pets shall be allowed at any time, whether on or off a leash.

Limited Restriction Area (Yellow ): The limited restriction area begins approximately 300 yards northwest of a line extending from Boardwalk #9 (Pelican Watch Boardwalk) to the Edisto River and continues in a northwesterly direction to Privateer Creek. Within the limited restriction area, pets must be on a leash at all times.

General Beach Area (Green): In all other areas of the beach, the following seasonal rules shall apply:  (a) Peak Season (April 1 – September 30): Pets must be on a leash between the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. At all other times, pets may be off a leash, provided they remain effectively controlled while on the beach;  (b) Off-Peak Season (October 1 – March 31): Pets may be off a leash at all times, provided they remain effectively controlled while on the beach.

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Please remember pet owners or caretakers are responsible for picking up after their pets and disposing of pet waste properly.

Property owners should share this information with visitors and rental guests.

To see the Town of Seabrook Island Beach Management Ordinance, click here.

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