Path Etiquette

Do you know… the right way to share the paths and roads in our community?

Among the many pleasures of life in Seabrook Island are walking, jogging, and biking. Path etiquette involves following some basic rules and showing general courtesy to others while sharing the environment.

Walkers and Joggers

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Always scan to see what is around you. Be alert for walkers, bikers, or cars that may be coming up behind you or in front of you.
  • Stay to the left side of the road. When on the road, walkers and joggers must walk or run facing oncoming traffic.
  • Stay to the right side of the path. Avoid walking in the middle or on the left of the path. This allows people moving faster than you (like bicyclers and joggers) and oncoming walkers to pass you.
  • Let people pass you. If you notice someone behind you is walking faster than you are, allow them to pass you and go on at their pace in front of you.
  • Avoid talking and texting on your phone while walking. It is potentially dangerous to use your phone while walking because you can lose your focus and inadvertently walk into hazards or other people.
  • Keep pets under control. Keep pets on a tight leash. Lengthy leashes can quickly become a menace, as they can trip pedestrians.
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Bicycle Riders

  • Stay to the right on paths and roads. Bicycles follow the same rules as cars and ride with traffic.
  • Ride single file. Bicyclists need to share the road safely with cars and pedestrians. In addition, many paths have curves and if you are riding side by side, you might not be able to see oncoming walkers or bikers around the bend.
  • Announce your approach and pass on the left. When approaching a walker on a path from behind, warn them of your presence by saying “passing on your left.”

map of Seabrook Island provides suggested bicycling routes that avoid riding on busy Seabrook Island Road. For safety’s sake, SIPOA encourages bicyclists to ride on the other less travelled roads whenever possible. A copy of this map is also available at the Gate House and the SIPOA office.

See SIPOA Rules and RegulationsIII.D.3. and 4.

Property owners should share this information with visitors and rental guests.

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Updated February 2023

Updated February 2023