Locations of AEDs

Whether at home or out enjoying an activity on the island, if a cardiac arrest occurs, call 9-1-1 first. Every emergency vehicle is equipped with an AED and it is likely that they will arrive before you locate an available AED.

There are 29 AEDs on Seabrook Island that can be found at the following locations:

Amenity Office Building 1101 Landfall Way
Ground Floor Foyer

Camp St. Christopher
Welcome Center
Susanna’s House, Main Hall

Club Engineering Building
Main Office Hallway – garden area

Club Laundry
Staff Room – garden area

Equestrian Center
Main Barn – center aisle hallway

Golf Course
Crooked Oaks Course – hole #4 restroom
Crooked Oaks Course – tee box #10 restroom
Crooked Oaks Course – hole #14 restroom
Ocean Winds Course – hole #4 restroom
Ocean Winds Course – between hole #14 and tee box #15 restroom
Driving Range Restroom

Island House
First Floor – across from Carolina Room

Lake House
Fitness Hallway
Meeting Room Hallway – by back door

Ocean Terrace
Front Entrance – Seabrook Island Road

Oyster Catcher Community Center
Front Porch – to the left of front door
Pool Side Porch – by the restroom

Pelican’s Nest
Front Entry – left of Seabrook Shoppe

Racquet Club
Outside – to the left of front entrance
Inside – back office

Real Estate Office
Center of the Building – next to the center door

SIPOA Office Building – 1202 Landfall Way
Reception Area

SIPOA Security
Truck – 134
Truck – 135
Truck – 139

Town Hall
Front Hall
Summer Beach Patrol Vehicle

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Updated July 2023