St. Christopher’s Earth Day 5K – April 21

Are you interested in supporting environmental education while running a beautiful scenic 5K? St. Christopher will be hosting this year’s Earth Day 5K on April 21st at 9am. Enjoy a morning on the refreshing and winding paths nestled in the beautiful 314 acres oasis, lush maritime forest, beach, and undisturbed salt marsh of St. Christopher.

For more information or to register for the race, please visit the 5K Run/Hike webpage at

-Submitted by Libby Dallis, Director of Communications




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FEMA Flood Rate Maps Explained

The Town of Seabrook Island hosted a public meeting on February 16, 2018, to allow Charleston County Building Inspection Services (CCBIS) representatives to answer area residents’ questions about how their properties will be affected by the adoption of the current “Preliminary” Flood Insurance Rate Maps.  Councilman Skip Crane introduced CCBIS’ Cindy Cahill, Floodplain Management Coordinator, and Katie Faith.

Katie Faith works with Property Owners; Cindy Cahill in foreground

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SIPOA Board of Directors Update

SIPOA Board member Ed Williams, who has served on the Board since February 2017, has submitted his resignation for personal reasons.  We thank Ed for his service to our Board and community.  We are sorry to lose him and wish him well.

Per the SIPOA Bylaws, the Board has unanimously agreed to appoint Rich Siegel to fill Ed’s term until the February 2019 Annual Meeting.  We appreciate Rich agreeing to fill the position and look forward to a productive year ahead.

– SIPOA Board of Directors

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Accident on Main Road near Belvedere Road

Just now, at 3:10 pm on Tuesday, February 20, Mike Gorski of Island Transportation reported an accident on Main Road near the Stono Market and Tomato Shed Cafe and Belvedere Road. He said that raffic is backed up in both directions.

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2018 Quilt Show March 9 and 10

Cobblestone Quilters Guild
2018 Quilt Show
A Celebration of Quilts
March 9 and 10, 2018


Held at the Omar Shrine Temple Convention Center
176 Patriots Point Street
Mt. Pleasant, SC

For more information and directions, click here.

(Image credit

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Birds of Seabrook Island Checklist

The Seabrook Island Birders (SIB) had a table at the annual meeting with wonderful pictures of birds we can find on Seabrook Island.

In addition, they gave out a brochure with a checklist of the birds you can find on our island.  Not only are the birds categorized by type, but they are denoted by the following:

Common – seen in suitable habitat.
Fairly common – here, not certain to be seen.
Uncommon – seen a few times during the season.
Rare – seen at intervals of 2 to 5 years.

To download the brochure, click here.   For more information about SIB, their activities, and birds in general, go to

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Tree Trimming Thursday

SIPOA will have a tree contractor trimming the oak limbs in the outbound lane next to the Guard House on Thursday, February 22, 2018, from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.  Security will be directing traffic to accommodate brief lane closures.  Please be patient and exercise caution around this work area if you are leaving the island at this time.

-Submitted by Steve Hirsch, PE, PMP, Director of Engineering


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John Reynolds, Author and Activist

John Reynolds

John Reynolds hardly remembers a time in his life when he was not a civil rights activist.  He started his lifelong career of activism alongside the greats like Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ralph Abernathy, all involved in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). He was 18 when he joined the Civil Rights movement, leading people into situations of danger where they could be beaten or killed.  He tells his story movingly in his book The Fight for Freedom: A Memoir of My Years in the Civil Rights Movement. He talks about a time when black people were exploited and were considered little more than commodities. He knew someone had to shine a light on this blackened world and he said:  Why not me? Continue reading

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Balance Semi Private Series Continues in March – Register Today

Level 1
Option 1: 3:00PM – 4:00PM on Wednesdays (3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28)

Option 2: 9:45AM – 10:45AM on Saturdays (3/3, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31)

Level 2
Option 3: 4:15PM – 5:15PM on Wednesdays (3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28)

Option 4: 11:00AM – 12:00PM on Saturdays (3/3, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31)

BALANCE  is an essential component in the quest to Age Powerfully, Confidently and Fit.

The fact is that all functional movements require a working balance system. Activities as basic as getting up out of a chair, to walking, climbing stairs, dancing, jogging, playing games such as golf, tennis and pickle ball and this list can go on. Good balance prevents injury, improves athletic performance, provides confidence and assists in performing the activities of daily life.

Although declining balance due to the aging process is partially based in unavoidable biological changes; behavioral factors and environmental factors are just as important, and this is where balance training exercises and mindfulness of balance issues come in to make a big difference.

It is a fact that strength, power, and endurance decline as part of the aging process. It is also a fact that some of the decline can be counteracted through physical activity. Key activities include strength training, cardiovascular training, flexibility exercises, and balance exercises. It is for all of the reasons above that Alison is excited to continue offering Balance classes incorporating flexibility, posture and strength exercises.

Previous participants will continue to work on their skills, improving posture and coordination, increasing core strength and flexibility all with the goal of maintaining, challenging and improving their overall balance abilities. New participants will join in working on these skills at their own pace alongside of returning participants. All class members at all skill levels will continue to benefit from the limited class size and the individual instruction and attention they will receive from Alison.


Please note, spots in semi privates series are limited and preregistration is required. There is minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 participants. The cost per semi private series is $40 per participant. Please note, registration for a series includes all four classes at the same time on the same day throughout March. These workshops are not included in the Monthly Class Pass. There are no refunds. Fee will be charged to your Property Owner/Club Account.

For more information or to register for one of the semi private series, please email Alison Standard at Please make sure to include the series option you would like to register for, as well as your Property Owner/Club Account.

-Submitted by The Lake House


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Annual Charleston Antiques Show March 16-18

Charleston Antiques Show
March 16-18, 2018
Memminger Auditorium
56 Beaufain Street

Inspired by the rich historical, architectural and cultural heritage of Charleston, the annual Charleston Antiques Show is a premier destination for collectors and enthusiasts who enjoy seeing and learning about incorporating antiques into modern-day decor.

The Antiques Show is a showcase of English, European, and American period furnishings, decorative arts and fine art, architectural elements, garden furniture, vintage jewelry, and silver–all late 17th to 20th centuries.

Through the Show’s educational and entertaining special events, collectors have a unique opportunity to purchase and learn more about everything from exquisite furniture and fine art to rare maps, jewelry, posters, prints and quilts.

Click here to purchase tickets.

(Photo Credit:  CVB website)

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Your 2017 Tax Returns

It’s tax time again. And while all the talk has been about the new tax laws, don’t forget that we have one more year of filing under the old laws.

Before you file your 2017 returns, it is important that you make sure you know about all the available tax credits and deductions, particularly the ones for South Carolina. You should also check to see if you qualify for the Federal Qualified Energy Efficiency Credit, which is still available in 2017. The requirements are very specific, but if you needed a new roof or windows after the hurricane or replaced a heat pump or water heater during 2017, be sure to check out the instructions for IRS Form 5695 to see if any of your expenses qualify.

The following is a summary of some of the more interesting South Carolina credits and deductions, and a word of caution if you are new to South Carolina or still use an out-of-state preparer:  with most tax preparation software, the following credits and/or deductions won’t flow through automatically from your federal returns, so make sure you check the South Carolina forms to be sure you’re getting all the credits you’re entitled to!

  • Excess Insurance Premium Credit. This can be a big one. If your total Homeowners Insurance costs (including Wind and Hail, Flood and Earthquake) exceed 5% of your Adjusted Gross Income, there is a dollar for dollar credit of up to $1,250 for the amount in excess of the 5%.
  • Nursing Home Credit. A credit of up to $300 for nursing home expenses or physician certified in-home care you paid for anyone, including yourself.
  • Classroom Teacher Expenses Credit. A credit of up to $275 available to teachers in public or private schools for non-reimbursed classroom supplies or materials (Note teachers, this is a credit and therefore much more valuable than the $250 deduction on your Federal return.)
  • Contributions to SC College Investment Program (529 Plan)or SC Tuition Prepayment Program. This is a deduction but can be a big one as you can pay in up to $14,000 per year (or $70,000 over 5 years) per recipient without incurring Gift Taxes and it may all be deductible from your South Carolina tax liability.

Be sure to check out the instructions for form SC1040TC for the complete list, as you may be eligible for some unlikely credits or deductions. (The Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Credit may be relevant to some Seabrookers, but how about the Pre-Marriage Preparation Course Credit or the Venison for Charity Credit?)

New for the 2018 tax year is the new “Motor Fuel Income Tax Credit.”  Though we won’t be able to claim this credit until next year, you need to start collecting your gas receipts and receipts for any repairs and maintenance to your personal vehicles now. The credit will be the lesser of any resident taxpayer’s increase in motor fuel payments (which will average 3 cents per gallon) or actual expenses for preventative maintenance on up to two private motor vehicles and will be claimed on SC Form I-385.

New South Carolina residents should also be aware of the fact that South Carolina doesn’t have a “Part-Year Resident” return. You are allowed to choose whether you file as a resident or a non-resident, so be sure to run the numbers both ways. It can result in very different total amounts of State Tax. You should also know that there is a significant “Homestead Exemption” on Property Taxes paid on your Primary Residence, which is available to residents over the age of 65, who have lived in South Carolina for more than one year.

As always, “be sure to consult your tax professional for more information or if you have any questions!”

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Seabrook Island Arts and Crafts Show Continues

The annual SIPOA Arts and Crafts exhibit continues at the Lake House on Sunday, February 18. Among the talented Seabrookers exhibiting this year is a number of young artists. If you have not yet done so, stop by and browse their inspiring art and crafts on display in Live Oak Hall at the Lake House between noon and 3 pm.


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