December Full Moon Bonfire Scheduled for Wednesday, December 14

full-moonFull Moon Bonfire

Wednesday December 14, 2016
Sunset – 5:16 pm
Moonrise – 6:23 pm
High Tide (Rockville): – 8:31 pm
~ Full Cold Moon ~

Another good size crowd enjoyed our November Full Moon Bonfire which included a gorgeous moon rise out of the ocean. December’s full moon will be celebrated a day late on December 14, once again near Boardwalk 1.

To keep things simple, each person brings what you want: food, drinks, chairs and a stick of firewood for a big bonfire. Nothing will be provided but a beautiful beach, a bonfire and, hopefully, a full moon. As a reminder, bring aged firewood as the remains from Matthew are not yet ready to burn even though we’d all like to reduce our piles.

Put these dates for the Full Moon Bonfires on your calendar:

Friday, January 13 (rescheduled from January 12 due to conflicts)
Friday, February 10
Saturday, March 12

There’s always plenty of room on the beach for everyone, so invite a friend or bring your house guests.

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Lane Closures Possible Monday, December 12

SIPOA received a heads-up from Hill Construction, the contractor working on the new gatehouse project, that, weather permitting, concrete work is planned for this Monday, December 12, most likely in the morning. During this time, there may be intermittent lane closures. Please follow the direction of security staff as directed.
-Submitted by Tidelines Editor
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Seabrookers Step up for Charleston Animal Society

When Charleston Animal Society put out the call for United States military veterans to help promote its Home for the Holidays campaign, two USMC veterans from Seabrook stepped up to help. On Friday, December 9, Ed Houff and Allison Dolby joined a tv crew and a sampling of CAS animals to film promotional television spots to be aired locally during the holidays.

ed-houff-chs-animal-society-dec-2016Both Ed, with 12 years of active duty service, and Allison, who hung up her uniform only recently, are animal lovers who did not hesitate to volunteer to participate in the Home for the Holidays campaign. “Charleston Animal Society does wonderful work for the community,” Ed said, “and we wanted to bring home with us every animal we met on Friday.” Continue reading

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Staying Safe Online (Part 3 of 3)

Chad Droze Tech Notes header SAVE
Read Part One of “Staying Safe Online” Here
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We’ve been talking about ways to spot out Phishing Attempts that may try to bait you either through e-mail or on the Web. I’ve talked to many people on the island – many of them have been my customers for years – who have informed me that they got fooled. They felt embarrassed to even admit it. Some of them fell for the bogus phone call scam. That is, someone (usually from overseas) calls and claims to be a representative from Microsoft, Windows, Apple, Dell, HP, Norton, etc.

First things first – NEVER fall for the phone call scam. It’s always bogus. 100% of the time. No legit company will ever call you about YOUR computer. They usually are hoping to catch you in a moment of weakness and bait you into letting them control your computer. They will then proceed to show you bogus information about your firewall, or antivirus program, or your computer’s hidden “errors”. This is a scare tactic. Once they proceed to scare you, that’s when they ask for the money. If you still went against better judgement and gave them any banking or credit card information, you MUST call your bank or credit card company immediately. Tell them what happened. These companies have fraud departments that are quite busy these days. They will stop payment and try to thwart the bad guy’s attempt to steal your money. They will probably issue you another credit or debit card as well. You must do this quickly though.

After this has been done, you must to run a malware scan on your computer. Even if it wasn’t the phone scam trick you fell for, this is a necessity to make sure to remove any malicious and unauthorized software that may be lurking on your system. Both Mac and PC Desktops and Laptops are vulnerable to this. Phones and Tablets are not usually able be infected (however, their days may be limited as hackers and bad guys start figuring out how to penetrate these devices).

Malware Dec 2016
The software we like to use for detection and removal of malicious software is MalwareBytes. We’ve been using it for over 10 years. It does the best job, in our opinion, of cleaning and ridding your system of the bad stuff. You can download it at . The free version is good (you must run each scan yourself), but why not spring for the $25/year version. The paid version runs quietly in the background and checks incoming connections to better stop and prevent infections coming into your system.

When you run MalwareBytes, the “Quick Scan” inspects common areas that malware likes to hide out, but if you have a major infection, you may want to do a Custom “Full Scan” to scan every part of your system.

Know Your System

The last piece of advice I’ll give is just to keep an eye on your system. By this, I mean look at your icons and familiarize yourself with them. If you do this, you can better spot out a malicious program if it somehow happens to sneak into your system. When customers come and visit me, I sometimes see a desktop that looks like this:

Icons Dec 2016

I know right away there is an issue. Firefox, of course, is a common web browser, but when you see new icons like the above “PC Speedup-Pro”, you should know right away that you didn’t authorize this new program so you should go to the computer Control Panel and uninstall the software and also run a MalwareBytes scan.

Stay Safe & Happy Surfing!

-Submitted by Chad Droze

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Food Drive Concludes As Overwhelming Success

The Holiday Food Drive at The Lake House has ended. The drive began with a goal of 1,000 pounds of food for our neighbors in Johns Island, Wadmalaw and James Island. By November 10th we exceeded 1,000 pounds. By November 14th we exceeded 1,500 pounds, and purchased a new (second) sign board for The Lake House. On November 17th we exceeded 2,100 pounds. On November 26th we exceeded 2,600 pounds. And, thanks to the amazing generosity of Seabrookers, Tuesday we delivered to The Sea Islands Hunger Awareness Foundation a total of 3,500 pounds of food!

Hunger is a big problem for many of our neighbors. The Sea Islands Hunger Awareness Foundation will distribute the food to local community organizations, including Meals on Mondays (which distributes food to approximately 100 families in need each Monday), Blessing Basket (an emergency grocery relief program at Stono Baptist Church on Johns Island), and Hebron Zion Church (which is the largest organization and which operates its food pantry two days per week).

Our thanks go out to each and every person who supported the food drive. Seabrook’s amazing contribution will go far to help eradicate hunger in our neighborhood. As we have been repeating often, together we CAN defeat hunger!

Submitted by Bruce Kleinman, Activities Committee

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Charleston Jazz Festival – January 20-22nd

jazzCharleston Jazz Festival

The highly anticipated Charleston Jazz Festival is back for its third year in the Holy City with a star-studded line-up, including YOUR Charleston Jazz Orchestra,

The third annual Charleston Jazz Festival announces that the 2017 headliner concert will feature The Manhattan Transfer and Take 6, two of the most highly acclaimed, award-winning vocal groups performing today. The concert will be held on January 21, 2017 at the Gaillard Center and begins at 7:30 p.m. with an opening performance by The Charleston Jazz Orchestra.

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Deep Water CANCELED for TODAY, 12/8

Deep Water Aerobics will be CANCELED this afternoon – Thursday, December 8th.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!

Submitted by The Lake House



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Boat Parade at Bohicket Marina



There is going to be family fun at the Marina this Saturday, December 10.  From 5:30 to 8:00 pm,  gaily-decorated boats will parade by, taking three laps around the area. The Men’s, Women and Coed choirs from Holy Spirit Church will serenade the gathering. The fire pit will be lit up and cocoa and s’mores will be offered.

Anyone with a boat who would like to join the parade can get an application at: or call 768-1280. There will be prizes for the best decorated boat.

This gala occasion is compliments of the Bohickets Merchants Association.

Submitted by Sally Kimball, Tidelines writer

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The ARC Adopts Changes

The Architectural Review Committee suggested changes to simplify and clarify the regulations and costs to our neighbors and property owners.  We are pleased to announce that at the November 14, 2016 SIPOA Board meeting, the Board approved these suggested changes to the Architectural Review Committee Policy and Procedures (P&P) manual.  The following provides the substantive changes to the P&P.

For new single family homes and additions/remodels, designs shall be prepared under the supervision of an architect who is registered and licensed in South Carolina. The architect is responsible for the designs and the plans must be signed and sealed by the architect. (p. 7, 18, and 36)

For the installation of decks, wood plastic composite (Trex, a wood polymer lumber product or equivalent ) has been added to the list of approved building materials. (p. 13)

Underground electric dog fences are permitted. We don’t believe the ARC ever intended not to allow the invisible fences but our rule wasn’t clear. (p.19)

Schedule of ARC Fees and Deposits, under repair or replacement of windows, decks, skylights, doors, trellises, roofing, paint, tree removal (newly added), landscaping, or other exterior changes not covered under other sections of this fee schedule….$50 per request. The ARC eliminated the $25 per tree removal fee and incorporated any tree fee into the general fee structure for maintenance. We then raised the exemption from $500 to $1000 as the cost of a project to which a permit fee is applied. Under the new rule, any project costing less than $1,000 or included in pre-approved Regime and Association Standards carries no fee. (p. 103)

In general, pine trees may be removed at the property owner’s discretion and may be without mitigation under the following conditions:
– existing below-story and mid-story vegetation within the removal area must be preserved;
–  prior approval must be obtained from the ARC before removing pine trees
to ensure that the remaining vegetation is sufficient to meet the characteristics of the area;
–  the removal plan is in compliance with other P&P rules and regulations. (p. 128)

Click here to link to the Policy and Procedures manual on the SIPOA website. (Note:  For the link to work, you must be logged into the SIPOA website prior to clicking the link.)

-Submitted by the Architectural Review Committee


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Hurricane Matthew Debris Removal & Task Force

Recently, members of the SIPOA Board of Directors became aware of several misunderstandings circulating in the community regarding debris removal following Hurricane Matthew.  Here are the facts:

Several contractors handled clearing and debris removal from roadways owned by SIPOA.  Those contractors hauled debris to the horse pasture where it was ground up by a service provider under contract with SIPOA.  Most of the ground debris was hauled away to an off-island facility by the service provider who performed the grinding.

The Club also used its contractors to haul debris to a different pile in the same horse pasture.  Under its own contract, the Club used the same service provider to grind up its debris and have it hauled off-island.

The horse pasture is controlled by the Club.  The Club offered use of the pasture to SIPOA after Hurricane Matthew, a generous offer which was accepted.

Some suggest that SIPOA should have paid for debris removal from all roadways (SIPOA and regime/association owned) because SIPOA has a “$3 million fund for emergency recovery.”  This is not correct.  SIPOA has a $3 million letter of credit which it can invoke in a major emergency situation [i.e., a category 3 or greater hurricane with major property damage].  A letter of credit is not cash on hand in a reserve fund;  rather, it is the ability to borrow up to $3 million at a prevailing rate of interest, which needs to be repaid.

As you might expect, not everything about Matthew’s debris removal or our emergency preparedness was perfect. Because of that, as discussed at a recent SIPOA Board of Directors meeting, a special task force is being set up to review and recommend new processes and procedures, where needed, covering a number of wide-ranging areas.  These include, but are not limited to: debris removal, property owner communications, security, and coordination efforts with the Town/Seabrook Island Club.

This Task Force will get underway in January 2017.  In order to ensure we’re doing the most thorough job possible, we’d like to have a variety of task force members made up of property owners from villas and single-family homes, both resident and non-residents. If you are interested in participating on this Task Force, please contact its chair, Julie McCulloch, at and she will get back with you to discuss further details.

-Submitted by the SIPOA Board of Directors

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Road Construction On Main Road 7 Dec 10:15am

We are receiving reports of construction delays on Main Road near Plowground. Traffic is down to one lane, alternating directions. It appears to be work on manholes. Plan you travel accordingly.

– Submitted by Tidelines Editors

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Community Meeting, December 8

All Seabrookers are invited to an important get-together on Thursday, December 8th, 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM, at the Oyster Catcher Community Center. Wine and refreshments will be served!

This a community meeting to hear about issues and opportunities related to Housing, Recreation, and Infrastructure on Seabrook Island

Audubon International Sustainable Communities Program (AISCP) -Stage 2 – is designed to help our citizens and leaders identify what enticed us to invest in Seabrook Island and decide what is needed for the future. In 2008, SIPOA and The Club adopted a shared Vision that names some important characteristics of our community – residential, lifestyle amenities for all ages, natural/forested oceanfront environment, and recreation and leisure facilities.

AISCP is looking deeper into these areas and more, in order to build an action plan for ensuring that we continue to offer robust quality of life for our residents, a healthy local environment, and economic vitality for our personal and community investments in the Island.

The meeting will begin with a brief description of what we are working to accomplish and why. Attendees will then separate into groups, each participating in 15-minute brainstorming sessions on the following three topics:

  • Housing and Planning/Zoning/Building/Development
  • Recreation
  • Infrastructure

The meeting’s goal is to gather wide-ranging ideas about the strengths, concerns, and opportunities for each topic area.

Please join us on December 8th (5 PM to 6:30 PM at the Oyster Catcher Community Center) for refreshments and a lively exchange of ideas.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact Jim Bannwart (843-768-3835) or Carl Voelker (843-768-9297).

-Submitted by Jim Bannwart and Carl Voelker, Seabrook Island AISCP Committee

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