Reminder – XFINITY Experience at the Lake House, Tomorrow.












-Submitted by the Lake House


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Chucktown Redfish Roundup, June 24

Open to EVERYONE!! Adaptive Expeditions (AE) presents a new Charleston tradition. The Chucktown Redfish Roundup will be the first universally accessible saltwater fishing tournament anywhere in the United States. Saltwater anglers from all walks-of-life and all abilities will participate side-by-side. Charleston’s most avid Redfish anglers will be trying their best to take home the $1,000 top prize. Fishing skills will be on the line, and the more fish you catch the better your odds of taking home the cash prizes.

On the morning on Saturday, June 24, 2017, at least 40 hungry, legal size, and food-quality Redfish (a.k.a. Red Drum) will be released into Colonial Lake. Within Charleston’s Historic District, Colonial Lake is 10 acres in size and tidal influenced through connection to Charleston Harbor. Huge concrete sidewalks at water’s edge and a recent $5.6 million renovation make Colonial Lake one of the most accessible saltwater fishing venues in the USA.

Tournament anglers that catch a tagged redfish can place the tag into the fishbowl raffle-jar at tournament check-in tent. At the end of the tournament, a raffle using all recaptured tags will determine $250, $500 and $1,000 winners. Additional tournament prizes will be awarded for the longest Flounder, Spotted Sea Trout, and Blue Crab. Anglers are encouraged to keep tagged redfish on ice and take them home for dinner. These are the same redfish raised for Charleston’s most famous restaurants and are worth about $30 each. The 40 fish are a prize themselves.

Proceeds will benefit Charleston’s Paralympic Sports Club, Adaptive Expeditions (AE). AE fulfills a critical mission to use education, sport, and outdoor recreation adventures to empower individuals who have physical and sensory disabilities with technical skills, opportunities, and confidence to maintain active, independent lifestyles.

Discounted registration fee for anyone with a disabled parking hangtag, active duty military and veterans, as well as youth under 12.

The fist 100 anglers to check-in on June 24th will receive a free tournament t-shirt as well as more than $40 worth of Dicks Sporting Goods coupons and gift cards.

For additional information and tickets, click here:

-Submitted by Natasha Stevens

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Highlights from the June 20 SIPOA Board of Directors Meeting

(Since Executive Director’s report and the committee reports given at this Board Meeting were covered in the Tidelines summary of the June 19 “Get the Scoop” meeting, this summary only covers additional topics from the Board Meeting. The complete official minutes of the meeting will be published on the SIPOA website following their approval at the July Board meeting.)

Emergency Preparedness Taskforce Report: The Board approved the report, subject to referral of the financial considerations to the Finance Committee.

Election Process Special Committee Report: Following Mr. Constandis’s summary of the committee’s recommendations, the Board resolved to put the report out for public comments.

Proposal for Bike Path Study: The Board discussed the proposal by Mr. Squire to study the feasibility of the installation of a bike path from the Club to the third Spinnaker Beach House parking lot entrance. The Board referred the matter to the Planning Committee for inclusion in an island-wide bike path study.

Additional Motions for Board Consideration:

  • The resignation of Skip Crane from the Nominating Committee was accepted.
  • Lynn Crane was appointed to fill the Board of Directors vacancy.
  • Sarah Waterfill was appointed to fill the vacancy on the Nominating Committee.
  • Committee Chair and Vice Chair assignments were approved.
  • The Board approved the contract with BluTide Marine Construction in the amount of $240,000 for the reconstruction of Boardwalk 1. Work will commence in late 2017.
  • The Board accepted the donation of Block 03 Lot 01 – 2445 Seabrook Island Road from SIGSC as conserved greenspace.

The Board heard and responded to questions and comments from several property owners.

Next meeting of the SIPOA Board of Directors will be held on July 17 at 1pm at the Lake House.

-Tidelines Editor




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In the News: Register Your Car Before July 1st

In case you missed it, in less than two weeks from now, on July 1, some vehicle purchases in South Carolina will cost up to $200 more, and registering an out-of-state car will carry a new $250 fee.  Click here to see the full article that was published in the Post and Courier on June 18, 2017.

-Tidelines Editor

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Oyster Catcher Pool Closed until Friday

The pool pumps at the Oyster Catcher Community Center were damaged in the power outages yesterday, June 20. Both pumps are down and are being replaced, and the pool is closed until Friday. Amenity card readers have been turned off for safety, and signs are posted.

-Submitted by SIPOA

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Bohicket Marina: Kids Fish – Wednesdays Mornings


A Fishing Tournament just for Kids Ages 4-14.  Two rounds of fishing at 9am & 10am, arrive at least 15 minutes before your desired round.  It’s only $7 per Participant which includes all bait and fishing rods, No Experience Needed!  Every Tournament produces 3 Winners which will receive an awesome Tournament Shirt, Bait Bucket, & Bragging Rights!  For Questions call 248-719-0076!

(Photo Credit:  Bohicket Marina website)

-Tidelines Editor

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Get the Scoop Wrap Up – June 19

The Seabrook Island Property Owners Association held a “Get the Scoop” meeting on Monday, June 19, 2017. Below is a summary of the information that was discussed.

  1. The Board Meeting was moved to June 20 at 1:00pm at the Lake House. The agenda was posted on and in the weekly e-blast. Access was available via the GoToMeeting application for computer/smart-phone/tablet and via a call- in number.
  2. Key Financial Data as of May 31st
    •   Operating cash balances of $2,606,381 are in line with expectations
    •   Reserve case balances in the amount of $2,173,212 are in line withexpectations
    •   Lake House term loan balance of $456,894 is reducing on schedule andwill be repaid in approximately 21 months
    •   Operating revenue of $6,519,656 is $149,322 better than budget
    •   Operating expenses of $3,783,777 are $1,654 better than budget
  3. Use of
    •   The mailbox has been provided for property owners to have a direct linkto SIPOA that can be accessed 24/7.
    •   It enables anyone to ask a question, make a comment, complaint,compliment or raise an issue directly with SIPOA and get anindividualized response
    •   Topics that are individualized and private and can be raised withoutinvolving others who may have no interest.
    •   A summary of issues raised is reported at each monthly Board meeting.
    •   It isn’t practical or possible to sort through the very active Nextdoor siteand try to provide responses to everything raised there.
    •   If the matter is an issue pending before the Board, it is not appropriate forindividual Board members to express their individual views on publicsites.
  4. FYI: the card readers at the Oyster Catcher pool are now working. If youexperience a problem, please contact the SIPOA office. Note: the Oyster Catcher Community Center and Pool are solely for the use of Property Owners and their accompanied guests or family. The parking lot is only for Property Owners with a black bar code.
  5. Gate House and GOMC Projects
    •   Gate House – Construction has been completed; punch list and landscapingremain to be completed. A red/green light at the gate house is on the punch list. Demolition of the old gate house is complete. We now have an attractive entry to Seabrook Island. Thanks to Heather Paton and Steve Hirsch for their hard work in bringing this project to fruition.
    •   New access software – This is the next project. If Property Owners haven’t updated their vehicle/bar code information with the SIPOA, please do so.The new software will allow property owners to use their smart phones/tablets to submit requests for gate passes, and will allow property owners to print out gate passes in some circumstances. SIPOA will host

tutorials to teach property owners how to use the application. SIPOA is also looking at the feasibility of using license plate readers rather than barcodes for access inasmuch as the new access software has at least the theoretical capacity to track license plate data, but there are potential privacy issues and questions concerning other states’ laws (among other things) that must be addressed first.

  •   Boardwalks – The next capital project for board action the replacement of BW #1. It will be done with IPE material, which has a life of 2-3 times longer than pressure treated lumber. The project was competitively bid; the contractor has been selected; assuming Board approval, the work is expected to begin in late 2017. There are also plans to add handicapped parking beside the ramp, and to improve the roadway and parking spots with a crushed shell mix.
  •   Palmetto Lake Fishing Pier – Bids were well over budget, so the project will be at least deferred for later consideration and may be reconsidered
  •   Boat Ramp at Creek Watch – The Creek has shifted and silted. The plan is to explore with Creek Watch how best to accommodate increasing kayak use.
  1. Disaster Awareness Day Recap from June 15
    •   The program was well attended – about 300 people. A summary appearedin Tidelines. Compared with other communities, with Hurricane Matthew we were lucky, lucky, lucky. SIPOA took a video of the program and podcasts will be available and posted.
    •   Key takeaways: PLEASE
      •   Plan for evacuation (documents, pets, food, gas) and go whenordered out
      •   Expect that some or all utilities (Fire Dept., power, water, sewer,cellphone, internet) to go out – and that they may stay out for anextended period of time
      •   Leave early – traffic and roads may get worse
      •   Don’t hurry back until officially told that it is safe to do so
  2. Beach Patrol
    •   The Town of Seabrook Island has jurisdiction of the beaches below themean high-water mark. The Patrol is active May-September.
    •   The purpose of the Beach Patrol is to observe and enforce dog leash/off-leash rules and permitted locations; dune and environmental rules and regulations; glass container rules and regulations; general conduct-related issues on the beach; assist emergency responders as needed
    •   If you need the Beach Patrol during the day, call the Town of Seabrook Island at 843-768-9121, or after hours, call the Security Gate at 843-768- 0822.
  3. July 3-5 Holiday Activities
    •   July 3 – 5k Walk/Run starting at the Lake House at 8:00am
    •   July 3 – Fireworks display at the Seabrook Island Club (be aware oflimited parking and parking restrictions – shuttle buses from the Lake House and Seabrook Island Realty will be available)
  •   July 4 – Parade starting at 9:00am – lineup at the Lake House
  •   July 5 – Trip-it Kids Triathlon starting at 8:00am at the Lake House. Forsign up and more information, call Jamie Mogus Mixon at the Lake Houseat 843-725-1581 or e-mail her at

9. 2017 Nominating Committee

  •   Committee Members are Dennis Pescitelli (Chair), Kathleen Buchman, Veronica L’Allier, Steve Pollock, and there is a vacancy to be filled
  •   The recent reports from the After-Action Review of the Nominating Committee Process and the Special Committee on Elections had recommendations that complement each other.
  •   New Initiatives
    •   More outreach to COVAR and others
    •   Preparation of a comprehensive online information packet forcandidates including FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that willprovide more information to candidates
    •   Video of past Board presidents discussing service on the Board andNominating Committee
    •   Position statements will be included with candidate bio information
    •   Recruitment data base to track characteristics and activities for allcandidates contacted by the Nominating Committee
    •   Increase awareness of remote meeting technologies to help part-timeresidents participate in governance
  •   Important Dates
    •   Initial call for candidates over July 4th holiday
    •   Candidates must apply by mid-late September (Date TBD)
    •   Candidate interviews early October
    •   Slates for Directors and Nominating sent to Board no later thanDecember 19 (Date TBD)
    •   Ballot/election packets distributed in January 2018
    •   Results announced at February Annual Meeting

10. Alligators – A question was asked about the review of the signs relating to alligators, which has been completed after a meeting and “walkaround” with our insurance agent.

  •   DHEC requires signs that say alligators are dangerous and not to feed them. This led to a discussion of who to call in what situations regarding alligators.
  •   For alligators on Club property, call the Club (after hours, the dining manager). For other locations, call Security. It was noted that Seabrook Island Security Officers do not have jurisdiction on Club property.

-Tidelines Editor

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The Fleming Returns October 4 – 8

What is the Fleming Tennis Tournament?

It began as a local Seabrook Island Tournament in the early 1980s. Since then it has grown into the premier tournament in the Southeast in both quality and competition. It attracts about 250 players from across the Southeast and beyond, including National and World Champions competing for the USTA National Championship Gold Ball Awards. It has been chosen as the “best tournament of the year” by visiting players, in part for the hospitality with which the Island welcomes the players. To learn more, click here.

The Tournament is open to all, not just Seabrookers. Everyone is encouraged to come enjoy the competition, free of charge. Whether you play tennis or not, you will be excited by the caliber of tennis exhibited on our courts. It is fun to wander from match to match, enjoy the free ice cream and beer and perhaps stop for lunch in the tent erected by the courts. Continue reading

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SIPOA Board Meeting Access Code

The access code to our Board meeting this afternoon has changed. The new code is 729-042-797

To attend the meeting remotely

Via Computer
Via Tablet or Smartphone
Download “GoToMeeting” App. Enter Access Code: 729-042-797
Dial-in Number
Access Code: 729-042-797
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Power Outages

Here is information provided to the Town concerning this morning’s power outages:

Berkeley Electric Cooperative confirmed to the Town Tuesday morning, June 20,that BEC is dealing with a problem that has resulted in isolated power outages in Seabrook Island. They are pursuing a workaround to restore power and contemplate that there may be brief power interruptions when repairs are fully implemented.

Tidelines Editor

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Lake House Tech Forum: Summer Road Trip is FULL

The Lake House Tech Forum, “Summer Road Trip” scheduled for June 29th at The Lake House is FULL. We have reached the maximum number of attendees and registration is now closed.

Please note that The Lake House will be offering more Tech Forums in the future.

Please check the weekly SIPOA e-blasts and Tidelines to see the topics of upcoming Tech Forums as well as how to register early to reserve your spot.

-Submitted by The Lake House

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North Charleston PAC: Lowcountry Jazz Festival – September 1-3

The Lowcountry Jazz Festival will take place at the North Charleston Performing Arts on September
1-3.  Click here for tickets.

Friday, September 1: Damien Escobar & Brian Culbertson

Saturday, September 2: Grammy Award Winners Jarrod Lawson, Robert Glasper, & Lalah Hathaway

Sunday, September 3: West Coast Jam ft. Norman Brown, Rick Braun & Richard Elliott + Jeffrey Osborne

(Photo credit:  North Charleston PAC website)

-Tidelines Editor

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