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Seabrook Island 9 Ball League

The Seabrook Island 9 Ball League is a 9 Ball co-ed pool league. It is a box structure league with 6 players per box. You have 6 weeks to play your five, 9 Ball matches. Play is either at The Lake House table or at the homes of players with tables, and matches are scheduled based on mutual availability. Most often 3 players get together and knock out 2 matches at a time, so essentially you need to play 3 times in 6 weeks. At the end of each 6 week league, the top two players in each box are promoted to the higher box, and the bottom 2 relegated. There are currently 6 boxes with play at all levels. Championship level play is not required. What is required is a commitment to get your 5 matches played in a 6 week period.

Contact: Timothy Ely at timothy.j.ely@gmail.com

The Seabrooker

The Seabrooker is the town’s independent newspaper. It is published monthly and 2023 marks its twenty-sixth year of continued service to Seabrook Island. The current  publisher, Teri Lash, is the daughter of Fred Bernstein who along with Red Ballantine, started the paper. The editor and the monthly contributors are all volunteers.  The Seabrooker welcomes articles from all of our readers which can be submitted to: theseabrooker@yahoo.com

Contact: Michael Morris (editor) at  TheSeabrooker@yahoo.com, 843-408-3707.

Website: https://www.townofseabrookisland.org/the-seabrooker.html

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