#9: Obtain Emergency Preparedness Brochures

The Seabrook Island Emergency Preparedness brochure is a helpful reference for full and part-time residents as well as renters and owners of rental properties. It contains useful tips and resources such as phone numbers and websites.

Copies can be obtained at the SIPOA office, the Amenity Office, the Lake House, and Town Hall.

Since Seabrook Island is in a floodplain, the Town of Seabrook Island has published a booklet entitled Are You Prepared for Flooding in Your Neighborhood? which provides guidelines for dealing with both flooding and hurricanes. This booklet was mailed to each household and is available here.

Charleston County has prepared a Hurricane Preparedness Guide. This guide includes information on how to prepare, evacuate, and recover from a hurricane, as well as important telephone and contact information. Click here to download the guide.

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) updates the South Carolina Hurricane Guide annually. This document provides helpful information about preparation, evacuation routes, and returning home. Click here to download the guide.

Remember, be prepared, stay safe.

Tidelines Editors