Fireworks, Firearms and Fire Safety

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who is allowed to bring firearms and fireworks onto Seabrook Island?

Fireworks Feb 2019

SIPOA has restrictions on who may bring a firearm onto Seabrook Island and limits the use of fireworks, firearms and fire as outlined below:

  • Fireworks are prohibited by both SIPOA and the Town of Seabrook Island except protected public displays (such as those sponsored by SIPOA or the Town on the Fourth of July) which are authorized in advance, in writing. Sparklers and toy cap pistols are not treated as fireworks and are allowed by the town.
  • No person other than a property owner or full-time resident may bring any firearm onto Seabrook Island, as per SIPOA.
  • The Town’s Code of Ordinances and SIPOA prohibit the discharge of firearms, to include crossbows, except for law enforcement officers or individuals undertaking a controlled hunt as part of a duly authorized wildlife management program.
  • Anyone making a fire on the beach must have prior written approval from SIPOA. Bonfires are allowed above the high water mark only. Construction debris and treated lumber may not be used in beach fires. Propane fired grills, cookers, and heating devices heated by fire are not allowed on the beach.

These are from SIPOA Rules and RegulationsSection XI. A. and C. and the Town’s Code of Ordinances.

Property owners should share this information with visitors and rental guests.

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Updated July 2023