#11: Know How the Community Responds to Natural Disasters

The Town of Seabrook Island coordinates the Disaster Recovery Council, a group made up of staff and volunteers who represent the various entities and institutions on the island. The Council’s membership includes representatives from our Town government, Property Owner’s Association, Seabrook Island Club, Seabrook Island Utility Commission, Camp St. Christopher, our St. Johns Fire District Commissioner, and our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

These entities have worked together for several years to test and improve the Town’s Comprehensive Emergency Plan which is intended to guide preparation and response to disasters ranging from hurricanes to earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.

Both the Town and SIPOA have developed straightforward processes for the repair and reconstruction time period, including waiver of the Town’s Business License and Building Permit requirements for contractors who can show printed evidence of homeowner (or insurance company) authorization for projects designed to prevent additional damage to property following a disaster. The Town also has processes to streamline recovery when repair and restoration work is being done. SIPOA will station ARC staff at Town Hall to expedite ARC sign-off on urgent repair projects.

Before, during, and after an emergency, the Town will communicate information in a number of ways. They will use the South Carolina Emergency Management Division’s CodeRED Emergency Alerts to provide up-to-the-minute emergency and weather warnings. The Town will also post information to its website, its 800 telephone number (888‐314‐3177), its Twitter account (@Seabrookislnd87 [this is correct: there is no ‘a’ in islnd]), the SIPOA Highlights e-blast, and in Tidelines.

Remember, be prepared; stay safe.

Tidelines Editors

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