What Drowning Looks Like

We have posted information about rip currents in the past and how to avoid drowning.  Obviously, rip currents aren’t the only time a drowning can occur.  We live on a barrier island with water all around us.  The important question is, do we know how a drowning person will react?

Recently, Soundings, a blog for boaters, published an interesting article about drowning and how to identify someone you suspect is drowning.  The article was first published in a Coast Guard magazine.

The take away from the article is that “Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning.”  There are many misconceptions about what happens when people are drowning.  Among them are:

  • There isn’t a lot of splashing and yelling, it is a quiet event.
  • Most of the time, the drowning person can’t call out for help.  They are working hard just to breathe.
  • Drowning people don’t always wave their arms, they are just trying to stay afloat.
  • It can be an undramatic event, not as portrayed in movies or on TV.

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