Lake House Tech Forum: Summer Road Trip is FULL

The Lake House Tech Forum, “Summer Road Trip” scheduled for June 29th at The Lake House is FULL. We have reached the maximum number of attendees and registration is now closed.

Please note that The Lake House will be offering more Tech Forums in the future.

Please check the weekly SIPOA e-blasts and Tidelines to see the topics of upcoming Tech Forums as well as how to register early to reserve your spot.

-Submitted by The Lake House

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North Charleston PAC: Lowcountry Jazz Festival – September 1-3

The Lowcountry Jazz Festival will take place at the North Charleston Performing Arts on September
1-3.  Click here for tickets.

Friday, September 1: Damien Escobar & Brian Culbertson

Saturday, September 2: Grammy Award Winners Jarrod Lawson, Robert Glasper, & Lalah Hathaway

Sunday, September 3: West Coast Jam ft. Norman Brown, Rick Braun & Richard Elliott + Jeffrey Osborne

(Photo credit:  North Charleston PAC website)

-Tidelines Editor

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Turtle Patrol Weekly Summary – June 11 through 18

Turtle Patrol Weekly Summary – June 11 through 18

We had a great week with 7 new nests. We’re up to 38 nests compared to 24 at this time last year. Hope it keeps up.

June 11
We have a late addendum to yesterday’s report. Terry and Gary Fansler went to the beach in the afternoon to scout more areas to move nests. Amanda Shilko and Bill Greubel went with them. When they came to the crawl where we couldn’t find a nest in the morning, Bill got out and started probing while the others went on. Bill soon called them to bring supplies to move nest #31 which he had found! 129 total eggs. 128 were moved. That makes it 5 crawls and 5 nests for Saturday. Not too shabby.
This morning, Valerie & Mark Doane & Lisa Hand reported a crawl near boardwalk 2. Jen & Harvey Gibson responded accompanied by their granddaughters and after a lot of probing and digging, Mark found nest #32 with 131 eggs. The nest of the remaining 127 eggs was relocated to higher ground north of boardwalk 6.


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#3 Hurricane Hint – Important Documents

In the event of a hurricane or other disaster, you will want to make sure you have important documents in a safe place.

Most of us have our homeowner, wind and hail, flood and other insurance policies in hardcopy as well as online.  Take a few minutes now to review them to make sure you know what is covered.

Scan to your computer or the cloud your personal documents such as your marriage license, divorce decree, birth certificates, passports, wills, deeds, social security cards, mortgage documents, the titles to your cars, tax, banking and other important documents.  If you don’t know how to scan documents to your computer, ask your kids or grandkids, or get a computer service to help you.  No help from that quarter?  then gather together your important documents in a ziplock bag placed where you can easily grab it as you evacuate your home.

Now would also be a good time to take an inventory and make a video of your house contents.  Most of us can take video with our smart phones.  You might save the video to the cloud or to a hard drive that you can take with you.

Remember, be prepared; stay safe.

-Tidelines Editors
(Photo credit:

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Disaster Awareness Day

Disaster Awareness Day was held on June 15 at the Island House. It was hosted by the Towns of Kiawah Island (TOKI) and Seabrook Island (TOSI) and was well attended by homeowners and residents of both islands. Here are some of the most salient points from the all-day event if you weren’t able to attend:

The Mayors of both towns began with reflections on Hurricane Matthew.

Craig Weaver, Mayor of TOKI, acknowledged that most people do not have much experience with hurricanes and since the last big one (Hugo in 1989), the community has increased in size, there are more houses and roadways on the island and many more tourists to plan for. He also noted that we were extremely lucky that Hurricane Matthew hit at low tide and we were not hurt badly. The cost for the Kiawah clean up was a bit over $1m, while Hilton Head was hit at high tide, was badly damaged and the clean up cost was $80m.

Mayor Weaver went on to discuss issues raised and lessons learned from Hurricane Matthew:

  • Communicating was a huge challenge. Creating relevant, accurate, factual communication for a diverse, scattered population was difficult. With information that was being sent via social media, TOKI found that speed trumped accuracy in communication.
  • Resource limitations were a challenge.
  • How do we secure the island during the storm and afterwards, and how to do it for an extended period of time if residents couldn’t get back on the island quickly?
  • Clean up – they had contracts in place for the clean up, but there is a conflict between what community needs to do to qualify for FEMA reimbursement and needs of home owners and businesses to get back on the island and start their own clean up.

Ron Ciancio, Mayor of  TOSI explained that TOSI learned how limited our resources were when staff/Council members were not available for their assigned duties in the event of a disaster. The situation moved so quickly from normal operations to OpCon 5 that there wasn’t sufficient time to complete the necessary procedures at each OpCon level.   TOSI learned that law enforcement have some discretion in directing evacuees and did allow them to go to places other than along the evacuation route, due to the low traffic volume as a result of the early evacuation call.

Other observations noted by Mayor Ciancio included the following:

  • The TOSI thought that checkpoints would be established to prevent residents from returning but that only applies if the road to the next checkpoint is clear.
  • The TOSI learned that the Sheriffs Department will not post an officer at the Seabrook Island gate, but they did patrol our community until they were told to retreat to their shelters.
  • It was hard to get accurate information on conditions on the ground, how bad the damage was and when they could expect to return.
  • Mayor Ciancio agreed that there needs to have better communication between TOSI, the Club and SIPOA and information needs to be shared on a real time basis. They need to have effective communications plans with Charleston County and are getting training on that. They learned that they need to communicate better with evacuated residents. During Hurricane Matthew TOSI used the SIPOA e-blast and Tidelines, and they are now are able to e-mail residents directly. He also said they would make more effective use of the Code RED Twitter feed, their 888 Emergency number, and the TOSI website to get information out to the Seabrook Island population.

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Freshfields Village Music on the Green – June 23

Music on the Green

06/23/2017, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Join us each Friday evening this summer from 6:00 to 9:00 pm for a complimentary concert on the Freshfields Village Green! This week’s concert features Top 40, beach and boogie hits by The SugarBees. Guests are encouraged to bring a beach chair or blanket for the event.

The SugarBees are a full service, Top 40 band which includes vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. They perform at many different venues in the southeast and cover a wide variety of music. Along with performing hit songs from a variety of artists, the band has had many original beach, boogie, and blues hits of their own. The group has recorded many albums over the years.  The SugarBees take pride in their music and it shows at every performance. With an extended song list, our verstile group can adjust the show according to each event. The band is fully self contained with lights, PA, and a DJ system. With topflight musicianship and a polished, dynamic, live presentation, The SugarBees have it all!

(Photo credit: The SugarBees website)

-Tidelines Editor

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Lake House Tech Forum: Summer Road Trip

Summer Road Trip!
with Chad Droze of the Post and Computer Store

Who should attend: Seabrookers who are interested in learning how to use maps and GPS navigation with your device.

Date: Thursday, June 29th
Time: 3:00 pm
Location: The Lake House

Topics Covered:
*Learn the basics of useful apps (including Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze) to take with you on your next trip out of town

*Find out useful tips and tricks to use during your travels

Fee: No Cost
Tech Experts: Chad Droze
Registration: Pre-registration is required to attend! Forum is limited to 30 participants. Walk-ins will not be permitted.

*To register, please email Janet Pasquale at

Those attending are encouraged to bring their devices and follow along with demonstrations.

-Submitted by The Lake House

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Melissa Durinsky, Lake House Fitness Coach of June

Melissa Durinsky

Lake House Fitness Coach
of June







Name: Melissa Durinsky
Teaches: Cardio Mix: Mondays @ 9:15 am
Get Pumped: Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays @ 11:00 am
Water Fitness Challenge: Mondays & Fridays @ 12:15 pm

Q1: What is one interesting fact about you that would surprise people?

Melissa: I won “Miss Congeniality” in the Miss South Carolina Competition. (No need to share what year)

Q2: What is your favorite post-workout meal?

Melissa: My husband (Mark Durinsky) makes me my favorite smoothie five days a week. It includes protein powder, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, Greek yogurt, Super Greens, organic peanut butter, and coconut oil.

Q3: What has been your favorite fitness certification?

Melissa: Body Combat – Body Combat is a high-energy martial arts-inspired workout that is totally non-contact. We punch and kick our way to fitness and burn up to 740 calories in a class. It features moves from Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira and Kung Fu.

Q4. If you could take any certification that you don’t currently have, what would it be?

Melissa: Revelation Wellness – Revelation Wellness is a non-profit ministry dedicated to educating and inspiring people to live healthy and whole lives in Christ so they can love others as well. Revelation Wellness Instructor Training sends out “missionaries” in the field of fitness and wellness. Their vision is as follows: Love God. Get Healthy. Be Whole. Love Others.

Q5: Who is someone that inspires you on a regular basis and why?

Melissa: My daughter Faith. At age 6, she began taking karate for the first time. Not long after, she made becoming a black belt her goal. With untold hours of hard work and commitment, she reached that goal at age 13. She is now the only girl in the ADULT class, and she actually teaches karate classes to kids ages 4-12. In the words of Shakespeare, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

-Submitted by The Lake House

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Woolfe Street Playhouse 2017-2018 Season

SEASON 17 by the Village Repertory Company, whose home is at the Woolfe Street Playhouse, has announced its upcoming season, which runs August 2017 to May 2018.

Join us for the 2017-2018 Village Repertory Co. season at Woolfe Street Playhouse. SEASON 17 begins August 25th, 2017.

Season Offerings for 2017-2018 include: Cyrano, The Truth, Sweeney Todd, The Effect, Dry Powder, Marjorie Prime, Disaster! The Musical, and one more to be added soon.

Click here for season tickets.

(Photo credit:  Woolfe Street Playhouse website)

-Tidelines Editor

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Sign Up for July Fourth Events

Don’t forget to sign up for the Fourth of July events!

Registration forms are available at The Lake House.

  • 5K Walk/Run on Monday, July 3 at 8:00 am.
  • Parade on Tuesday, July 4.  Line up at 9:00 am
  • Tri It Kids Triathlon on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 at 8:00 am

For more information on the Fourth of July Events, please contact
Jamie Mogus Mixson at 843.725.1581 or email

-Submitted by The Lake House

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Revised Flood Insurance Rate Maps Published

At the invitation of Mayor Ron Ciancio, Charleston County officials conducted an open house on Seabrook to give residents an opportunity to learn about revised Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) published recently by FEMA and to see the maps’ implications for their properties. (Instructions for accessing this data are provided below.)

Carl Simmons, Director of Building Inspection Services for Charleston County, briefly explained what is changing.  The maps that are currently in effect are based on survey information from 1929 that was updated in 1988.  Coastal Flood Hazard Zones depicted on these FIRMs are Zone VE (where the flood elevation includes wave heights equal to or greater than 3 feet) and Zone AE (where the flood elevation includes wave heights less than 3 feet).

The revised FIRMs, considered to be “preliminary” until completion of a review and comment period, are far more accurate because they were developed using modern Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology.  These maps depict a new concept called “LiMWA,” a curvy line superimposed on the map’s designations of AE flood zones to indicate “Limit of Moderate Wave Action.”  According to FEMA, “The addition of the LiMWA area to FIRMs allows communities and individuals to better understand the flood risks to their property.  The LiMWA area alerts property owners on the seaward side of the line that although their property is in Zone AE, their property may be affected by 1.5-foot or higher breaking waves and may therefore be at significant risk during a 1-percent-annual-chance flood event.”  For a more complete explanation of the importance of LiMWA, click here to see FEMA’s Fact Sheet on the subject. Continue reading

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Tae Bo Summer Hiatus

Tae Bo will be suspended for the summer.

The last Tae Bo class will be on Saturday, June 17, 2017.

Thank you!

-Submitted by The Lake House

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