Charleston Restaurant Week September 5-16

Sep 05 – 16, 2018

Restaurant Week is an 11 day celebration at participating restaurants.  From fine to casual dining, participating restaurants will feature special menu items, promotions and discounts. Come out and savor the flavors with us!  Click here for the list of restaurants that will be participating in Charleston Restaurant Week.

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Ballpark Festival of Beers – August 18

Ballpark Festival of Beers
August 18, 7:00pm
Joe Riley Park
360 Fishburne Street, Charleston

Come out to the 16th Annual Ballpark Festival of Beers presented by Kickin’ Chicken! Sample over 100 American and International Ales, Stouts, Lagers, Pilsners and Specialty Brews on Saturday, August 18th at Joe Riley Park!

Tickets are on sale now.  Click here to purchase tickets or purchase them at the RiverDogs Box Office or at   VIP Tickets are available.  They include early entry (6:00pm) plus additional beer sampling tickets and access to the VIP Lounge which includes light snacks and refreshments.

You must be  21 or over. All patrons must show a valid ID for entry.  No dogs allowed.
Event takes place rain or shine.  No refunds.

The first 2,500 people through the gates receive a commemorative sampling glass. Sampling tickets are included in the admission. There will be water jugs available that are for you to drink but more importantly to clean your glass between sampling.

Food trucks will be available.

Live music will be provided by Blue Plantation Band.

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Jellyfish in our Area

If you’ve been on the beach at all in the last week or two, you may have noticed jellyfish floating on the water and/or washed up on the beach.  The Saturday Post & Courier has an article about the jellyfish reporting that  Kiawah’s Beach Walker Park saw 15 stings on Friday.  Click here to read the full article.  Please be careful out there.

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Inventory of Nest 16 Scheduled – August 13

Inventory of Nest 16

We will inventory Nest 16 at 6:30pm on Monday, August 13. Nest 16 is located 300 yards south of Boardwalk 2. It was found by Cathrine Scully, Gary Holtz, Rob Jerome, and Mike Vinson.

-Submitted by Gary Fansler

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Grief Support Group on Seabrook Island

The new Grief Support Group will hold its monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Eagle’s Nest Studio at The Lake House. The next meeting is on August 15, 2018.

It takes strength to make your way through grief, to grab hold of life and to let it pull you forward. In a peer support group, there is permission to grieve and share with people who understand while gaining strength from each other. New members are always welcome to join. Participants in the group include but are not limited to those who have lost a spouse, as well as those who have lost a child.

For more information, please contact Mary Fleck at Non-residents of Seabrook Island may register to attend by contacting Mary Fleck at in advance.

-Submitted by Mary Fleck

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Help Mt. Zion Kids, Please!

Help Mt. Zion Kids, Please!

  • school uniforms (red or white shirts and khaki or navy pants)
  • girls’ underwear (solid colors only, no logos)
  • boys’ briefs (white only)
  • scissors, both blunt- and pointed-tipped
  • crayons, 24 pack
  • black & white composition books
  • glue sticks and bottles of glue
  • two-pocket, three-pronged folders – plastic only please individual pencil sharpeners and erasers

Contrary to what you might think, this is not a list of supplies the Charleston County School District (CCSD) provides to its teachers. These are just some of the items purchased over the last few years for students and teachers at Mt. Zion Elementary School through the generosity of property owners on Kiawah, Seabrook, and Johns Islands.

In light of the needs of Mt. Zion students, we are again asking for your support. Since teachers often need to supply ear buds, headphones and other supplies for their students, this year we are asking you to make a monetary donation and let us do the shopping on your behalf. We will use funds received to purchase supplies and uniforms as needed throughout the school year, and we hope to raise enough to be able to continue to provide necessary teaching supplies.

Please make your check payable to “Support Mt. Zion Kids” and mail it to Wendy Kulick at 38 Marsh Edge Lane, Kiawah Island, SC 29455. Alternately, you may leave donated school supplies on the front porch of Elaine Davis’ residence at 1022 Crooked Oak Lane. Please be sure to include your name and address with supplies if no one is home when you deliver them. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Wendy by phone (843.768.7466) or via e-mail ( or address questions to Elaine at

Another way we can help the students at Mt. Zion is by shopping at various participating stores. This program works no matter where you live. Just remember to ask your cashier at Harris Teeter to enter the school number “3455” into the register when you use your VIC card. By doing this, a portion of what you spend is donated to Mt. Zion Elementary each time you shop and purchase “Together in Education” items. If you have an Office Depot credit card, please ask the sales associate at the register to credit Mt. Zion Elementary (school ID# 70090775). The school will receive 5% of any purchases you make all year long. Staples also has a rewards program, which can be used for purchases. Finally, if you have a Target credit card, you can register on the Target web site for Mt. Zion Elementary. These businesses donate a portion of sales dollars to local schools.

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Balance Workshop by Alison – August 17

Back by popular demand….Balance Workshop by Alison

Balance Workshop by Alison will begin again on Friday, August 17th at 11:30 AM

Balance is not something you find, it is something you work for.  It is an essential component in the quest to be ageless, fit and confident. Our balance system includes all of the senses in our body that tell us how we are moving, the brain that puts this information together and the muscles that control our movement.

This “all ages and all abilities” workshop will focus on improving and maintaining balance while working on stabilization, muscular endurance, strength, and flexibility. The goal is to promote healthy aging and assist in facilitating the activities of daily living, which are an essential component of a strong and independent quality of life.

People of all ages and abilities need to keep their balance system healthy. A healthy balance system helps us to look and feel good as well as helping us to move and work with greater ease and more confidence.

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Interested In Taking College Classes?

South Carolina, like many other states, allows senior citizens (over 60 years old) to take classes at a public university tuition-free, although there is a registration fee of $50.00. Also, you may need to purchase books and some classes have additional course fees.

College of Charleston, located in downtown Charleston, is a public university in the South Carolina Higher Education System and thus you are able to take classes there under this Senior Citizens program.

You can audit courses or take them for credit.  Most seniors take undergraduate courses, but you can take graduate ones as well.  The program also allows you to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree.  Courses are limited to space available and registration begins after the traditional students add/drop.

Some courses require a prerequisite course, but if you don’t have the prerequisite, you can sometimes meet with the professor beforehand to see if you can take the class without it.

The requirements for admission are a proof of citizenship as well as proof of SC residency and age requirement.  You can use a valid SC Driver’s License or Picture ID for residency and age verification.  The ID must be issued at least one year prior to enrollment.  If the Driver’s License doesn’t meet this time requirement, you can use a voter registration or vehicle registration document.

If you are seeking a degree or wish to take graduate classes, there are additional requirements.

To find out more about the Senior Citizen Program, whether you want to audit or take classes for credit, click here.

The deadline for applying for admission is August 27, 2018. The Admissions Office is located at 65 George Street and is offering registration assistance on August 21, 2018, from 9:00 am until noon.

The course catalog is online, click here to access it.

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Upgrades Planned for at the Seabrook Island Club

You may be seeing some significant work as you drive by the Seabrook Island Club in the near future.  They have plans for four projects: North Parking Lot Expansion, the addition of a Beach Club Café, a renovation to the Beach Club Pool and Ocean Winds Golf Course Remodel. No dates have been set yet, but these are certainly important projects that will be welcome upgrades to services and amenities for the members, guests and renters.

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#10 Hurricane Hint: Speak Up!

When an emergency occurs, some might require assistance and others might be able to help, so please speak up! If you live alone, have mobility or health issues, don’t drive or otherwise need assistance during a weather emergency, know that help is available.

If you need assistance:

  • For assistance with transportation during an emergency evacuation, call the Town of Seabrook Island at 843-768-9121 to register your name and contact information with them. They are compiling a list of people who may need assistance with transportation to an emergency shelter. The Charleston County Emergency Management Department (843-746-3800) will provide buses from the Island Center Executive Office at 3690 Bohicket Road to the nearest available shelter. Let your family, neighbors, and friends know how you will evacuate if this becomes necessary. This will prevent them from needlessly worrying about your status.

If you know someone who might need assistance:

  • Check in now with your neighbors who may have mobility or health issues to make sure they have a workable plan for getting to a safe place. They may have things well planned, which will put your mind at ease; but they may need help and advice to prepare for their evacuation. The Town of Seabrook Island asks that if you know someone you believe may need help with evacuation that you identify them to the Town (843-768-9121). Let’s make sure everyone is accounted for and not leave anyone behind during an evacuation.

Remember, be prepared; stay safe.

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Message from Seabrook Island Mayor, Ron Ciancio

At last Tuesday’s meeting regarding the proposed senior living complex, it became clear to me that residents continue to have a number of questions with respect to the ownership of Seabrook Island Road, the contractual commitment of the Seabrook Island Utility Commission to provide sewer service to the property on which the senior living facility is proposed to be located and the potential development of the remaining property on either side of the road.

With respect to the “ownership” of Seabrook Island Road it is fair to say that the town “owns” the concrete and infrastructure. In 1972 (about the time Seabrook Island was first developed) the South Carolina Department of Transportation received a “Right of Way Easement” from the descendants of the Andell family for the “construction of a section of State highway” 66 feet in width, a portion of which included the roadway from what is now the Circle to Landfall Way. The grant of easement was expressly for the purpose of “constructing, improving and maintaining [the highway] . . . and the right to construct and maintain controlled access facilities to said highway.” In February of 1990, the SCDOT conveyed that easement to the Town of Seabrook Island by quitclaim deed. So to the extent the town has the right to construct, maintain and improve the road and to maintain controlled access, it is the owner thereof. What it does not own is the property on which the road is located. As far as I know the underlying “ownership interest” is in the name of Andell Development Limited Partnership, which at some point changed its name to East Seabrook Limited Partnership.

As a practical matter, it makes no difference who “owns” Seabrook Island Road; all of it is within the town’s legal jurisdiction. In March of 1990, town council passed an ordinance annexing that “portion of Seabrook Island Road (State Road No. 1875) lying outside the Town’s then existing jurisdiction up to the intersection at Kiawah Island Parkway” which includes part of the traffic circle landscaping and the on ramp to Seabrook Island. Accordingly, the developers are required to obtain an Encroachment Permit from the town in order to obtain access to Seabrook Island Road.

Seabrook Island Road is not a private road. It doesn’t meeting the state’s definition of a private road, and in our Development Standards Ordinance it is described alternatively as a public road and an “arterial” road. Our DSO provides, among other things, that it is the policy of the town to “minimize” the number of points of access to arterial roads.

As I mentioned at our Tuesday meeting, the Seabrook Island Utility Commission is obligated to provide sanitary sewer service to the property on which the senior living facility is proposed to be built. The commitment to provide sanitary sewer service to the property in question was made in 1990, by agreement between Heater of Seabrook and the then-owner of the subject property. When the town purchased Heater’s assets in 1996, it took an assignment of a number of Developer Agreements including one to provide sanitary utility services to the property in question (water will be obtained directly by the property owner from St. Johns Water). SIUC has always included in its capacity calculations an assumption that it would provide sewer service to this property. Accordingly, the development of this property as a senior living facility is within the assumed capacity of the SIUC.

On either side of Seabrook Island Road, the town’s jurisdiction does not extend to the circle. On the northeast side of the road (outbound), the town’s jurisdiction extends slightly beyond town hall. On the southwest side of the road (inbound), the town’s jurisdiction extends to the eastern end of Bohicket Marina

At Tuesday’s meeting I noted that there is undeveloped property on either side on Seabrook Island Road that has the potential to be developed. On the northeast side of the road there is a single tract of almost 300 acres, which extends from town hall to and behind the property where the senior living complex is proposed to be located. That parcel is owned by Haulover Creek Development Company. This property is in Charleston County. On the southwest side of the road there are four parcels, two of which are owned by Atlantic Partners II LLC (the same company which owns the property on which the senior living complex is proposed to be located) and two of which are owned by Haulover Creek Development Company. One of these parcels is in the Town of Kiawah Island; the remaining properties are in Charleston County.

It is important to note that the town has not been contacted by the owners of these properties, and we know of no immediate development plans. However, as I stated on Tuesday is the intention of the Town to engage a consulting traffic engineer to help us anticipate for the development of these properties and to ensure that the safe and un-congested flow of traffic on Seabrook Island Road is maintained.

-Submitted by Ron Ciancio, Mayor, Town of Seabrook Island

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Town of Seabrook Island Comprehensive Plan

Editors Note:  This is a re-sending of a post we sent last night.  For many of our readers it went into their g-mail spam folders, so we are re-sending it in the hope that all our readers receive this Tidelines post.

The Town of Seabrook Island wants to hear from YOU!

 We’re currently conducting a community survey as part of our 10-year comprehensive plan update. Survey responses will be collected until August 31st. 

Click here to take the online survey.

 About the Comprehensive Plan Update

 The Town recently kicked off an update to its Comprehensive Plan, a process which is required by state law to be completed every 10 years.  A Comprehensive Plan serves as a type of “strategic plan” for the community. The plan will include a total of nine topics or “elements” including: land use, transportation, housing, natural resources, cultural resources, economic development, population, and priority investment. The plan will include an inventory of existing conditions, as well as specific goals and implementation strategies for each element. The plan will serve as an overall vision for the community and will guide future policy decisions of Town Council.

 As part of the planning process, the Town of Seabrook Island is inviting residents to participate in a community survey between August 8-31. The Town’s comprehensive plan survey is separate and distinct from other surveys you may have received, including those from the Club or SIPOA. Those surveys are used for Club and SIPOA purposes and are not a part of the Town’s efforts to review and update our Comprehensive Plan.

 The draft version of the Comprehensive Plan is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Prior to adoption, the Town will also host a community drop-in meeting and public hearing, both of which will take place in early 2019.

 The Town of Seabrook Island values your feedback, and we hope you will take the time to participate in this important process.

-Joseph M. Cronin, Town Administrator
Town of Seabrook Island, 2001 Seabrook Island Road
Seabrook Island, SC 29455
Office: (843) 768-5321
Cell: (843) 637-9832

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