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Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club member, Roger Steel, recently discovered an interesting story about a ribbon attached to one of our flags that had been on display for the Veteran’s Day memorial holiday. Roger spoke with David, who works at the cart barn at the Seabrook Island Club, while storing the flags after they had been taken down. David commented that he had taken a picture of a ribbon that had been attached to one of our flags and sent it out on his Facebook account. Subsequently, Lori Benjamin, who works in the office at the Club saw the photo of the ribbon on Facebook and immediately recognized the name on the ribbon as a friend of hers from when they were both young. Lori said that the parents of this fallen warrior had always been like “God parents” to her. This story of a special coincidence is a reminder of how closely we are all related in various ways and that we can never know how we may positively impact those around us.  Please read Laurie Benjamin’s email to Roger Steel below:


Hi Mr. Steel, I’m not sure if it was the same event.  David took the attached picture last November at the Wounded Warriors Golf Tournament. I don’t think he had any idea my relationship to her. Captain Kimberly Hampton was my godsister. She was a helicopter pilot for the 82nd. She dreamed of being a pilot as a child and was thrilled to be serving her country. She died doing what she loved. Kimberly was the first female military pilot in US history to be shot down and killed as a result of hostile fire and was the only child of my godparents, Ann and Dale Hampton. It was nice surprise to see her honored as I had no idea her name was on a ribbon. I sent the picture to my godparents and of course they are touched to know she is remembered at events like this.   Laurie

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