SIPOA Dog Park and Motorcycle Surveys

During November, 2015, SIPOA conducted a survey asking property owners whether they would support an establishment of a dog park on property adjacent to Town Hall. We also asked whether property owners would support payment of a nonrefundable user fee in the amount of $50 annually to offset costs of construction and operation of a dog park.

Significantly, response to the survey was extremely high with more than 900 responses. Of these, 365 indicated that they would use a dog park. However, only 215 households indicated support for payment of an annual user fee of $50. A significant percentage of respondents in favor of a dog park did not agree with such a fee. The feasibility study group concluded that a paying group of 215 property owners is insufficient to support the costs of construction and operation of a dog park. They recommended that no further action be taken at this time. The extensive information will be compiled and preserved.

During late December, 2015 and early January, 2016, SIPOA conducted a one question survey asking property owners if they would consider allowing motorcyclists entrance to the island.  They would be subject to restrictions on a trial basis for up to twelve months. The response was overwhelmingly in the negative. We are happy to announce that we received 843 responses; 33% were positive and 67% opposed any such trial. There were 383 comments which constitutes approximately 20 pages!

Thank you for taking the time to respond to these important questions. Your SIPOA Board of Directors finds it extremely helpful to respond to requests for new amenities and policy changes when a clear direction from the community can be established.

Submitted by Janet Gorski

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3 Responses to SIPOA Dog Park and Motorcycle Surveys

  1. Annie Smith-Jones says:

    I don’t understand that $10,750 ($50.x215=$10,750) can’t support a dog park. What do you have in this dog park? We need a fence in area, perhaps water for the dogs but that’s it. This can’t cost greater that the $10,750 that folks would support. Why isn’t this going forward??
    Annie Smith-Jones

  2. Bill Mowat says:

    I would be interest in knowing the breakdown in the vote between residents and non-residents on the motorcycle question.

  3. Joshua Shilko says:

    I agree with Annie. 10k seems like more than enough for such a project. I’d be curious to know what amount the board had in mind in order to move forward.

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