Spring Cleaning? – Brown & White Pickup Day

The SIPOA Highlights E-blast reported the following:

Next Friday, May 6, is your opportunity to take advantage of the now-monthly Brown & White pick-up day. Bulk items can be left curbside (where you would normally leave your trash/recycling), including furniture, appliances, grills, lawn furniture, or other similar household items. Hazardous waste such as old paint cans, electronics, batteries, fluorescent lights, and old yard or household chemicals can be dropped off at the Maintenance area (adjacent to the Community Garden).

You may NOT dump in household items in the Maintenance area or put bulk items in the compactor.

By adding eight additional Brown & White days per year, we hope to see a decrease in illegally-dumped trash at the Maintenance area. There is now increased enforcement of our illegal dumping policy.

Submitted by Tidelines

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3 Responses to Spring Cleaning? – Brown & White Pickup Day

  1. Cheryl Driver says:

    Hello, do villa owners bring items to the curb or leave by the trash cans where they usually pick up items.

    Thanks! Cheryl Driver

    Cheryl Driver Seabrook Island Real Estate 843 814 5066 http://www.discoverseabrook.com cheryl@cheryldriver.com This message sent from my iphone


    • Instructions from the waste hauler specify that pickup items must be placed “curbside and visible from the villa parking lot.” We would interpret this to mean that it is acceptable to place brown & white pickup items at the same place an owner would place their recycle bins (blue tubs or green receptacles), where the truck driver would see them. Items will not be picked up from inside lockers or enclosed garbage corrals, as those are not visible from the parking lots.

      —Tidelines Editor

    • Also, items must be placed before 7 AM on the day of pickup.

      —Tidelines Editor

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