SINHG Presents “What’s New at McLeod Plantation on October 13th

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On Thursday, October 13th the Seabrook Island Natural History Group will present Shawn Halifax, the Cultural History Interpretation Coordinator for McLeod Plantation. Mr. Halifax’ topic is “What’s New at McLeod Plantation”. The Plantation is located at the corner of Maybank Highway and Folly Road on James Island. The 37-acre historical site has deep roots in Charleston’s history dating back before the Civil War. The McLeod Plantation has preserved buildings like the McLeod’s main home which sits next to a massive 600 year old oak tree. There are also smaller homes where slaves, and then freed men lived, a cemetery a renovated dock and a cotton gin.
The preservationists hope the plantation will be a place where people come together and discuss the history that shaped our society today. “We look at ways to improve how we live today based on some of the things that happened in the past. It’s all kind of interconnected.” said Halifax.

Refreshments – 7:00 PM Program – 7:30 PM
Location – Lake House
All Seabrook Island residents and guests are welcome. There is a $5 donation for non SINHG members. Information about future programs and SINHG membership can be found at the SINHG web site,


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