Gate House Update March 6

Construction on the new gate house continues to progress.   Last week they completed installing new storm water piping and began working on some interior finishing.  They have installed all of the windows and have begun putting up siding.  Thanks you for your continued patience and safe driving in this area!

-Tidelines Editor

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2 Responses to Gate House Update March 6

  1. Bill Bane says:

    Thanks for the up date. Questions: 1) Is the gate house construction on schedule, ahead or behind? If so how much? 2) What is the current anticipated date(s) the new building will be complete, the old structure razed, all roadway and curbing installed and surrounding landscaping planted?

    • From Steve Hirsch and Heather Paton:
      The new gate house is scheduled to be completed by the end of April assuming there are no weather delays. The old gate house will be demolished in May and the new landscaping will also be installed in May.

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