Abridged Minutes: July 12 Safety & Security Minutes

This is an abridged summary of the minutes from the July 12, 2017, Safety & Security meeting. A complete copy of the minutes is available in the archives section of the SIPOA website here.

SIPOA Security Supervisor’s Report for June 2017
• Incident Reports:
o 17 medical assists
o 10 residential assists
o 26 resident complaints
o 4 escorts
o 2 lost & found reports
o 13 security observations
o 3 false alarms
o 4 auto accidents
o 1 property damage incident
o 7 assist other agencies
o 13 wildlife assists
o 6 suspicious activity reports
o 3 spills/leaks
• Citations: There were 44 traffic violations issued in June, which included the following:
o 7 speeding
o 1 no driver license
o 4 trailer violations
o 2 no registration
o 12 no pass displayed
o 1 failure to stop violation
o 14 parking violations
o 1 leaving the scene of a traffic stop
o 1 unlawful passing
o 1 driving on wrong side of road

• All appeals were reviewed and/or heard by the Committee and decisions were made based on the facts and merits of each case.

• Commercial access fees: The SIPOA received $36,000 in commercial access fees in June, 2017. YTD = $341,818.

Old Business:
a. Safety & Security Handout: The sub-committee has completed this assignment and the final document is being distributed at the Gatehouse.
b. Drone Policy: An article on this issue will be submitted in an SIPOA eblast and also on Tidelines. We will invite comments on sipoa.org.
c. Covered Loads Policy: A draft of a proposed policy will be continued until the August meeting.

Presentation of Sub-committee reports or updates:
a. Safety & Security Policies: On behalf of the assigned sub-committee, and with assistance from legal committee representative Susan Colatsky, Bill confirmed that this assignment has been completed and submitted to Ed Houff for approval by the full Board.
b. Electric Assisted bicycles: The Committee discussed the fact that electric bicycles are in use on the island, observing that they are much faster than pedal powered bicycles. Ed Houff requested more feedback from this sub-committee before considering a policy.
c. Feasibility of license plate readers: This topic has been tabled until we get a better understanding of the upcoming ABDI security system and the timeline for its installation.

New Business:
a. New Security Director: The Committee welcomed Jenn Miller who was introduced as our new staff Security Director.
b. July 4th weekend: The number of incoming vehicles almost doubled in July because of the large influx of visitors. In spite of an increase in staffing, it is challenging to accommodate such a large influx. We will submit an article to Tidelines outlining the actions we are taking to accommodate large volumes of visitors during peak periods.
c. Hand-held bar code: Following a conference call with the owner, the Committee approved a request by a property owner to use a hand-held bar code for an antique vehicle which could not accommodate a window sticker.
d. Extra services billing: The Club will pay for extra security services for special events.
e. Palmetto Lake Fishing Pier: Kathleen recommended that we move forward with the proposed fishing pier on Palmetto Lake, which will enhance safety for persons fishing on that lake. This pier will be reconsidered in the 2018 budget.
f. Trash and Recyclables: James recommended that we consider an extra dumpster for trash as the current dumpster sometimes exceeds capacity. Ed will refer this issue to GOMC for further consideration.
g. New Committee Chair: Effective immediately Julie McCulloch is replacing Ed Houff as Chair of the Safety & Security Committee.

Bill Bryant, Secretary; Ed Houff, Chair

-Submitted by Bill Bryant

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One Response to Abridged Minutes: July 12 Safety & Security Minutes

  1. FREMONT Scott says:

    When I click on the “here” link I am directed to the Seabrook Resource page with no minutes from “safety committee”

    When I type in Safety I am directed to a source listing Safety and a second line listing minutes. Clicking on either one directs me back to

    The “resource ” page

    Try it!

    Not fun


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