Together, We Can Defeat Hunger

The Holiday Canned Food Drive is off to a good start; but, it is just a start. Generous Seabrookers have already donated almost 1,500 pounds of food. When you enter The Lake House, it looks so impressive. Look at the photo below – this really is a lot of food!

But, the needs of our Johns Island, James Island and Wadmalaw neighbors are great, and, as we Seabrookers have so much to be thankful for as the holiday season approaches, we can and must do much more. As you look at the photograph, see how the “thermometer” indicating the performance of the food drive shows just how much more needs to be done to reach our goal of 3,500 pounds.

Did you know that nearly 4,000 residents of Johns Island and Wadmalaw struggle with hunger? Or that nearly 90% of the children in Johns Island and Wadmalaw live below the poverty line?

One of the local organizations which will distribute the food which we donate is the Hebron Zion Presbyterian Church. Their food pantry distributes approximately 50,000 pounds of food to over 1,100 families (over 3,100 persons) per year. Another local organization which will help distribute our donations is The Blessing Basket, an emergency relief program operated by Stono Baptist Church. The Blessing Basket serves over 1,000 seniors and families in need. Our donations will make such a positive impact on so many of our less fortunate neighbors.

The enthusiasm of Seabrookers in support of the Holiday Canned Food Drive has been very impressive so far, but, we need to sustain this until the drive ends on December 10 in order to reach (and exceed) our goal. Those who have not yet made a contribution, please pick up as many cans as you can – note how many Seabrookers have donated by the case – so you too can experience the joyous feeling from helping your less fortunate neighbors. Those who have already made a contribution, we thank you for your generosity and ask that you please do it again. You will feel doubly good.

Please bring your canned food contributions to The Lake House and place them behind the pillar under the “NEW CONTRIBUTIONS” sign. They will all be weighed first and then added to the total.

Don’t forget, canned foods only. And, please check expiration dates on all your cans.

Thank you for your generous support and for helping our less fortunate neighbors enjoy their holiday season.

-Submitted by Bruce Kleinman, SIPOA Activities Committee

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