Report from the SIPOA Nominating Committee

On Monday, November 13th, the Nominating Committee submitted its approved slate of candidates for next year’s SIPOA Board and Nominating Committee at the monthly Board meeting. As chair of this year’s Nominating Committee, I wish to thank the elected committee members Kathleen Buchman, Veronica L’Allier, Steve Pollock, and Sarah Waterfill for their exceptional efforts during the year in identifying and fielding this year’s slate of candidates.

This year’s committee accomplished important new initiatives that included soliciting COVAR leadership to help identify possible candidates who are villa owners; building a comprehensive online candidate information packet that gave potential candidates a wealth of information about the candidacy and election processes; adding position statements to candidate biographical essays; establishing a software-based system to track candidate recruitment actions undertaken by each committee member; and holding a special Open House during Labor Day weekend that allowed interested property owners to have face-to-face discussions with committee members about a potential candidacy.

In selecting this year’s slates, the committee considered qualifications such as relevant Seabrook experience; relevant non-Seabrook experience; service on SIPOA committees; and awareness of the various facets of Island governance. The committee sought qualified candidates from a pool that included diversity in age, gender, and property ownership status (villa and single family). Motivation for running, awareness of the time demands of service, and commitment to serving the needs of all property owners were also evaluated. The committee specified all selection criteria in its online information packet to which all property owners had access.

Thirty-five property owners were actively recruited. Of these, nine were women; three applied and all were selected. Seven villa owners were actively recruited; although none applied, some stated a willingness to consider candidacy next year and expressed a desire to serve on SIPOA committees in the interim. Three property owners applied independently of the committee’s recruitment; one was selected but declined because of newly encountered time demands.

In summary, for the four available Board positions, eight property owners applied and were interviewed; six were selected (one of whom declined). For the Nominating Committee, three individuals applied; all were interviewed and selected.

The approved slate of candidates for the 2018 Board includes Warren Kimball, Dan Kortvelesy, Penny Lee, Rich Siegel, and Warren Weber. The approved slate for 2018 Nominating Committee includes Sue Coomer, Sam Dolinsky, and Tina Mayland. Property owners will elect four people to the Board and two to the Nominating Committee in the upcoming election in January 2018. The committee is grateful to all property owners who applied and participated in the interview and screening process. They are to be commended for their commitment to the Seabrook Island community.

[Note: Biographical and position statements will be available from all candidates. Candidates will participate in a “Meet the Candidates” event in January to which all property owners are invited. The event will be videotaped and will be available for online viewing for those who cannot attend. A special forum for villa and regime owners is being planned in cooperation with COVAR leadership for December. More information on the candidates and events will be posted on Tidelines as details are finalized.]

-Dennis Pescitelli, Director and Chair of the Nominating Committee

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