D.I.R.T. is hosting a 2018 Genealogy Fair

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The Seabrook Island genealogy club, Digging Into Roots Together (D.I.R.T.) is hosting a terrific event on January 10, 2018 from 1:30 – 3:30 PM at the Live Oak Hall, Lake House.

Come and join us, there will be fun games, trivia, mapping your ancestor, getting to know others with the same interests, a place to start learning about recording your own family history and genealogy, and learn about DNA testing. We will have guests from the Charleston Family History Center as well as the South Carolina Room (Charleston Public Library) to answer your questions. This event will kick off our 2018 sessions as well as our fifth year!

We are an active club with over 50 members doing genealogical research, some are beginners and some are experts, we all work together to enjoy this fun hobby. Learn how to take all those family records and digitize them for future generations. Please bring your friends who might be interested as well.

We look forward to meeting you on January 10.

Website: http://diggingtogether.blogspot.com/

-Submitted by Lynn D Baker

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