Summer Safety on Seabrook Streets


Seabrook Island has experienced an increase in the number of visitors in the past several years. We expect this trend to continue. Many travel publications have designated Charleston a number-one destination, and the nearby barrier islands like ours are perfect places to vacation, experience beautiful beaches, wonderful wildlife, golf, etc.

The Seabrook Island 25mph speed limit was established to promote the safety of everyone using our roads. We are a “share-the-road” community where cars, trucks, bikes, low-speed vehicles, joggers, dog walkers, and commercial vehicles all share the roadways.  This policy works best when bike riders and pedestrians remember to walk and ride single file.

We have investigated areas with high pedestrian/bike/vehicle activity.  One of those areas is Seabrook Island Road between Pelican Watch Villas and Atrium Villas.  To promote the safety of the many people that travel that area, we have reduced the speed limit there from 25mph to 15mph.  To encourage drivers to reduce speed, we have added signage that reads “15 miles per hour – Strictly enforced.”

When we have house guests, it’s important to make sure we share our safety rules and policies with them so they can follow our practices  Safety pamphlets are provided by the Security Officers to renters when they receive their gate passes, and owners of rental properties are encouraged to post safety information in a visible location in the home.

We know with your help, we will have a safe and happy summer on Seabrook Island.

– SIPOA Safety and Security Committee

(Image credit:  Jonathan Phillips)