2nd Annual ‘Surf in the City’ Film Fest August 3

Surf In The City: A Night Of Surf Films

The Charleston Music Hall is thrilled to be teaming up again with The Carolina Surf Film Festival and Channels Surf Shop to present a night of Surf Films in downtown Charleston, SC on Friday, August 3 at 8pm. It will be the 2nd annual Surf In The City.  Click here to purchase tickets.

Read the line up of surf films…

OUTER – by Logan Marshall
Winner of the 2017 Carolina Surf Filmmaker
Outer by teen filmmaker, Logan Marshall is set to premier this summer. This is a movie about surfing on the Outer Banks across all ages of surfers and all of the islands that make up the Outer Banks. From teenage pro, Bo Raynor to gnarly Brett Barley and East Coast icon, Jesse Hines, you will see some incredible surfing. Showing the true story of what has happened through our history on the Outer Banks. Creating an emotional, inspirational, high energy, cinematic masterpiece. Starring: Bo Raynor, Jesse Hines, Lynn Shell, Quentin Turko Featuring: Lucas Rogers, Brett Barley, Micha Cantor and friends.

FIND REFUGE IN THE SEA – by James Tull and Salty Crew
A 30 Minute surfing and fishing film following Dwayne, Matt, CJ and Lcuas as they load up a boat and ramble hundreds of miles down the Baja Coast in a wild search for waves and fish with special appearances by Damien Hobgood, Greg Trompas, and Brandon Wilders.

It’s on every goofy-footer’s bucket list. But even if you possess the required skill to tackle it, actually scoring Skeleton Bay is still a long way off. You’ll need the funds, an eye for the right swell, the time and the ability to link up all of the logistics in between-getting to Namibia’s Donkey Bay ain’t easy. “I first heard of Skeleton Bay back in 2007 and had been dreaming of surfing it ever since,” says Brett Barley. “It appeared so perfect, so flawless, so easy that you were guaranteed the wave of your life as soon as you drop in. I was wrong about most of that. It sure can be perfect, but it is a very difficult wave to surf, and even harder to score since it rarely ever breaks. “I won’t say too much here, but Skeleton Bay is my favourite wave in the world, and going there for the first time was so incredible I wanted to try and bring that experience back with me to share with all of you. If you’re curious what it’s like to finally go to a place you’ve been dreaming of for 10 years, and score the best waves of your life, at the worlds longest barrelling left point then hit play and enjoy 14 minutes of an experience of a lifetime.”

RUM PUNCH – If summer was a beverage, she’d be Rum Punch. Sweet, refreshing, and sometimes headache inducing. The team at Imperial Motion wanted to brew something up to salute the start of summer and tip our cups to our favorite season, in the form of our latest visual delight… RUM PUNCH. Sit back and enjoy our latest short film featuring our affiliates from where we’d rather be… ENJOY. Starring: Alex Smith, Anthony Walsh, Benji Brand, Braiden Maither, Billy Kean, Evan Puma, Jeremy Carter and Max DeSantis.

(Image credit:  CVB website)

–Tidelines Editor